Real time communication with mobile workers

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Who’s doing what? It’s the most basic information you need when you’re trying to manage a team of mobile workers.

Because without knowing where employees are or what they’re doing at any one time, you have no real way of managing them.

It’s one of the biggest challenges faced by anyone tasked with managing mobile workers. You can give employees instructions and schedules but once they hit the road, they’re effectively ‘off the grid’ from a management point of view.

But digital technology and GPS tracking has transformed this.

Achieving real time communication with mobile workers

We now have mobile workforce management software to track and monitor exactly who’s doing what – in real time.

Paper based management is becoming a thing of the past. As a manager, you need to know what is happening in your business without constant calls or micro-management.

So why should you look into a system that gives you real time information of jobs?

Improve efficiency

It lets managers manage

Instead of constant phone calls, real time information lets you monitor staff easily, see where each mobile worker is and all job information. Any problems can be responded to immediately.

Smarter customer services

Give your customers quick and accurate job information, backed up with photographic evidence and proof of tasks completed instead of call backs and vague guesstimates.

Crystal clear communications

The benefits of real time communications work both ways. Mobile workers and office staff can let each other know of any delays or cancellations.

Keeping ahead of the competition

Customers will favour those organisations who can offer them a fast and efficient service, with the ability to track an order. Those who can't, may get left behind.


No more dropping job sheets at the office as all job information is transferred in real time. Allocate jobs based on the GPS location of your mobile workers.

Enforce compliance


Learn about accidents or incidents before it’s happened and react immediately. If anything does go wrong, you have an exact location of the mobile worker.

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