10 essential features of a mobile workforce management system

As customers, we always expect the best when buying technology. Whether it’s a shiny new toaster or the latest smartphone, we want it to operate effectively and last the test of time.

essential features of a mobile workforce management system

The same applies to changing to a mobile workforce management system, and it can be daunting trying to find the perfect one for your business.

10 essential features of a mobile workforce management system:

  1. Job creation
  2. Customisable workflows
  3. Vehicle checks
  4. Recording items/assets
  5. GPS tracking
  6. Reports
  7. Integration
  8. CRM
  9. Customer portal
  10. Invoicing

Job creation

This is a core element of all mobile workforce management systems.

Office staff can create jobs for mobile workers and attach all the information they require to successfully complete it.

However, where some systems differ is giving mobile workers the permissions to create their own jobs on the device. If a worker knows that another visit is required they can quickly create the job that is sent to the office to confirm, making you and your business look more professional and securing future work immediately.


Customisable workflows

A good workforce management system will allow you to define a process for every job to follow in order to create digitised job sheets that are built to your requirements.

Workflows are sets of screens that allow your mobile workers to record information and can expect certain information. Any information captured is available to view in the office at any time.

For example, you might want to enforce mobile workers to take photographs at a certain point in the job to document completed work or record the quality of work or services.

You might also require a signature by using the touch screen functionality of the device to provide lawful proof that a job has been completed and customer satisfaction.


Vehicle checks

Not only should your mobile workforce management system have the ability to record vehicle checks, it should ensure that workers are completing them daily through an enforced process on their device.

Integrate checkboxes, employee signatures and photos into the vehicle inspection to ensure you are doing everything within your means of accident prevention.

Any problems with the inspection will notify the office immediately and the problem can be resolved.


Recording items/assets

Being able to record item information electronically means that stock control and management is simpler.

With this feature, office workers can assign items to jobs so that mobile workers know exactly what they have to use and avoid any unnecessary journeys.

Each item should have a category, product code and price so you have specifics on the item as well as being able to attribute them to the invoice at the end of the job.


GPS tracking


Office staff should be able to see the exact location of workers for health and safety reasons as well as being able to allocate jobs based on location, increasing speed of service and boosting efficiency.

Having access to historical GPS tracking data is also important so that you and your team can easily resolve disputes by seeing the exact geographical location of workers and what times they were on site.



A good system records all the information from jobs and creates a range of reports such as: job, mileage, invoice and items reports saving valuable time creating them manually.



Integration allows you to keep using your current software packages alongside a mobile workforce management system. Integrating the systems allows you to automate business processes and reduce manual input significantly.



A CRM feature allows you to store all of your customer information, from contract length and assets to current jobs and sites, this can then be auto-populated when creating jobs, saving office administration time.


Customer portal

Businesses should have transparency and aim to maximise customer satisfaction.

Providing customers with access to their own portal allows them to see all of their job information without needing to get in touch with the office.

A good customer portal provides you with the ability to choose exactly what your customer sees with an extensive permission list. 



An invoicing feature within a workforce management system allows you to have all of the job information readily available so invoices can be sent out immediately, meaning you get paid much sooner and increasing business cash flow.

These 10 features are essential to a mobile workforce management system, however more advanced systems come with many more such as calendars, job scheduling and alerts.

As well as checking what features are included, you should always check if the company continuously improves the software, adding additional features based on the needs of their customers, preventing the software from becoming obsolete.

For a complete guide on what you should consider, check out the guide by clicking below.

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