Are Apple supplying the right devices for mobile workers?

Written by Jordan Saunders
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Are Apple creating the right devices for mobile workers? They have made a bold statement with the introduction of their new phone, the iPhone X.

Their premium pricing strategy, charging a mighty £999 (minimum), encourages favourable perceptions amongst buyers, targeting a luxury consumer.

The need for better connectivity and the quicker transfer of data has spurred a larger demand for mobile workers. The greater efficiency and productivity that comes with mobile working allows businesses in the industry to thrive.

Research has shown that 40 per cent of the global workforce will be mobile by 2020. With this rapid expected growth, more and more people will be searching for the right devices for their mobile workforce.

Apple devices for mobile workers

Apple never fail to amaze the public with their sleek designs and features. Whilst now creating a more durable iPhone with; surgical‑grade stainless steel, wireless charging and water/dust resistance.

But increasing the durability of an iPhone was a necessity.

We all have been there, accidentally dropping your iPhone from a meter high, hoping everything will be fine as you slowly lift it up, only to find a shattered screen. This then sparks fear of how much it is going to cost to replace. However, the only cost to a mobile worker isn’t just the price of fixing or replacing the device, it’s also their valuable time.

Mobile Workers need a device that will function wherever they may be, whilst being durable and long lasting. Their job relies on the ability to have a device that is up and running, and the company in charge need their workers out in the field.

It is not just the toughness of Apple’s devices that may be problematic. Charging the iPhone or the durability of the chargers, along with the size of the battery are major problems with Apple products when thinking of mobile working. Also, the device data storage is restricted to a certain level.

Differing from Android

Compared with Android devices, you can use memory or storage cards to increase the memory when required, meaning you can record every picture, video or piece of information without worrying your device will appear with an error message saying “storage full”, or worse, not saving the item you need.

Android devices come with differing specifications, sizes and price ranges so you are able to find the right phone for your needs. You have more choice than just the different variations of the same product (rather than just the iPhone and iPad) and can choose a phone based on battery size, camera quality and durability, meaning companies can buy 4 or 5 rugged Android devices for the price of one iPhone.

As mobiles are increasingly being used for work purposes, are Apple missing out on a slice of the nation that rely on smartphones for work?

The right devices for mobile workers

iPhone make high quality products which are targeting the luxury market more and more. For this reason many mobile workforce management companies have standardised on the android platform for their mobile solution.

The decision has proved the right one with Apple’s decision to turn the iPhone into a status symbol. With the choice and value of products Android has to offer, it will be hard to beat their offering for field service devices. 

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