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4 ways to build your field service reputation

Build field service reputation, brick wall

For some, trying to build field service reputation is like swimming against the tide.

To win contracts and build relations, your company needs to be viewed as a ‘safe pair of hands’, but how do you establish that trust unless you’re given those opportunities in the first place? It’s a vicious circle which can make it seem a hard slog to get a foothold in the industry.

It seems like everything is slanted in favour of those bigger and more established providers with little room for newcomers.

Here are some tips on effective ways to build field service reputation:

View from the other side

The reason trust and reputation is so important in the field service sector is because the work is so challenging - it’s tough, complex and carries with it significant risks (both safety and financial).

For a business or local authority, it’s like choosing a surgeon who’s about to operate on them. It’s an area where they can’t afford to take risks or to make any mistakes.

So it’s worth using that mindset to examine every aspect of your business, to make sure it’s emitting a reassuring glow. Even small things can make a big difference; the look of a company website or the speed correspondence is dealt with.

Get your company accredited

A practical way to build reputation is with third-party accreditation schemes such as RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme).

It can seem intimidating, a complex and time consuming process, but it’s a way to reduce the element of risk for potential clients, giving them independent verification of the processes you have in place.

In the past, the amount of paperwork required to jump through the accreditation hoops made this a particularly tough task for smaller companies. But with digital workforce management systems, it’s now much simpler to access the accurate information needed to show safety and compliance.

Digital proof your business

Clients are looking for organisations that have the ability to work quickly, efficiently and safely. And that’s difficult to achieve unless your company is making the most of those benefits provided by digital technology.

By switching to digital processes, it removes the organisational caused by a reliance on paper-based ways of managing fieldworkers. A digital workforce management system provides accurate data in real-time, giving clients access to fast and accurate updates.

The systems are also increasingly being viewed as effective tools for compliance purposes, allowing a company safety policy to be actively integrated into the everyday workflow of field service workers.

Make it personal

While your business may tick all of the right technical boxes, you should also think about the more human side of connecting with prospective clients. This means great communications and making sure your company becomes a known and respected presence within the industry.

This can be cultivated through attendance at conferences and exhibitions but also by becoming active in the online ‘conversation’ with activities on social media, industry forums and news sites.

Another simple way to show the ‘character’ of your business is with good use of client testimonials. These are particularly powerful when presented in video form - a client talking to camera about the positive experience of working with your organisation.

It makes the information much easier to connect with than any kind of written report.

Build your field service reputation

So while there’s no quick fix, there are practical ways a newer company can start to establish a reputation for itself within the field service sector. By entering the mindset of potential clients and making sure your company’s able to prove it has the knowledge and tools to get the job done, you can firmly embed your business in the industry.

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