Digital system aids computer recycling business with accreditations

Wellington based computer and equipment disposal experts, South West Computer Recycling, better adhere to their business objective of becoming more environmentally aware and have achieved two accreditations due to the adoption of a digital system.

Case Study: Gaining Accreditations

The change to MyMobileWorkers, a mobile workforce management system, has facilitated the complete removal of paperwork, a reduction of over 30 days a year in administration time and enabled SWCR to receive two ISO accreditations - ISO 14001 and 9001.

By removing all paper from the business, SWCR was able to demonstrate that the company is doing everything within its means of reducing waste. This aided in their ISO 14001 accreditation whilst providing the company with a competitive advantage.

ISO 9001 focuses on quality management and the ability to meet customer needs and regulatory requirements. MyMobileWorkers helps by defining a workflow for workers to follow and ensuring all aspects of the job are completed correctly, with the ability to request feedback from customers. This provides proof to auditors that the customer is satisfied with the service and proves it has been completed with a safe and structured process.

Previous to this, they had multiple records of data both digitised and in paper form that was hard to recall and took large amounts of time to locate and chase, impacting on business professionalism when auditors arrived.

Now, auditors can login to SWCR’s portal on MyMobileWorkers and see any information they need at the touch of a button.

DVSA inspectors are impressed due to the fact it takes a couple of clicks to view the status of vehicles and fully complete defect information, even for jobs being completed that day.

Due to the readily available information from MyMobileWorkers, and removing the manual process SWCR so heavily relied on in the past, company staff no longer have to spend time preparing for audits, and auditors can complete their inspections much sooner.

“The auditing process before MyMobileWorkers took a lot or preparation and resources, it meant a couple of days work in the office was lost collecting and gathering information together prior to the visit.”

Sam Kingdon, Managing Director

Sam Kingdon, Managing Director of SWCR, now has peace of mind that audits are going to be efficiently performed with minimal chances disputes or errors because a process is enforced and all information is backed up in an online historical database.

To see the full case study, click here.

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