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How can mobile workforce management empower a workforce?

Mobile workforce management doesn’t just improve how a business is run - it transforms it. Technology allows managers and workers to achieve things that simply aren’t possible when using a traditional approach to management.


So what are these things? And what do we mean when we’re talking about mobile workforce management? Let’s take a look.

What is mobile workforce management?

Mobile workforce management describes the use of technology to manage and monitor field-based workers. Systems will typically use cloud-based software which connects to teams of remote workers via GPS tracking and handheld devices.

This approach allows managers to schedule, track and centrally manage a mobile workforce in real-time. These systems can be used to control any kind of outdoor tasks and typical uses include maintenance, repair and delivery tasks.

You can read more about mobile workforce management here.

How can mobile workforce management improve performance?

The most obvious benefit of a mobile workforce management system is speed and efficiency. By removing the need for paper documents and manual data processing, admin tasks that would normally take days can be done in minutes.

But the benefits go beyond this.

  • Real-time communication
  • Automated checks/notifications
  • Enforced processes
  • Performance tracking
  • Paperless admin

Real-time communications

The biggest barrier that has limited effective management is communications. It’s having to share information with remote workers via paper documents, spreadsheets, texts, emails and phone calls.

A mobile workforce management system removes all of this. Everything is handled in real-time via centrally managed software, GPS tracking and real-time data updates.

It means that managers know where each worker is and what they’re doing. Workers have all info needed at their fingertips via an app and handheld device.

If something changes; if a vehicle breaks down or a job is revised then it’s known about in real-time. It allows managers and workers to instantly adapt and react to maintain smooth operations.

Automated checks/notifications

Mobile working can be tough - constantly on the move and having to adapt to different tasks, protocols and environments. Automated checks, reminders and notifications can help workers to stay on top of all this.

These are task-specific and help to ensure that correct processes and checks are being carried out. These are triggered in real-time and delivered as a worker approaches each task in the workflow.

It helps to maintain robust protocols and ensure that workers know exactly what’s required for each job. It helps to avoid the problem of standards dropping over time as protocols are forgotten or ignored.

Enforced processes

Acting as a complement to automated checks is the ability to enforce certain processes. This is a powerful feature offered by MyMobileWorkers which helps to ensure that mobile work is safe and compliant.

An enforced process could require a worker to complete a vehicle safety check before proceeding with their tasks. Or it could be to take a photo of a repair job or to collect an on-site signature to confirm a customer or client has signed off the work.

If the required process isn’t done or a check is failed then the worker can’t proceed with the job. It’s a way to actively enforce safety and compliance policies - making sure that correct procedures are followed before work gets done.

Performance tracking

With a traditional management approach, it’s virtually impossible to accurately track the performance of a workforce. A mobile workforce management system makes it easy.

The system will automatically track and store all of the data being generated by remote workers. It will digitally timestamp each stage of the process, providing a digital audit of how long jobs take and how they were carried out.

MyMobileWorkers features integrated feedback tools to allow work to be rated on performance and adherence to the required protocols. It’s a way to get the best out of a mobile workforce and quickly identify any potential problems.

Paperless admin

Paper is a problem when you’re managing a mobile workforce. It’s an incredibly inefficient way to share information - it has to be printed, shared, distributed, collected and manually administered.

A mobile workforce system virtually eliminates it from the entire process. All of the information a worker needs and all of the data that they collect is handled digitally. Paperwork doesn’t need to be dropped off or manually transferred - it’s instantly available.

This makes life simpler for mobile workers - able to do everything with a smartphone app. And it transforms the administration process to streamline operations. It’s also a remote-friendly way of working that doesn’t require a physical office or depot.

Going paper free

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