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How does MyMobileWorkers boost mobile workforce productivity?

Changing the way you manage your workforce can be a daunting prospect. Moving from a traditional management approach to mobile workforce productivity software requires stepping out of the comfort zone.

boost mobile workforce productivity

You need to be absolutely certain that the business benefits will justify switching away from your current system. It’s delivering these practical productivity gains that’s the focus for MyMobileWorkers.

The number one reason that companies opt to move over to MyMobileWorkers is because it’s a tried and test way to enhance the productivity and performance of fieldworkers. Here’s a breakdown of the main benefits:

  1. Real-time communication
  2. Automated processes
  3. Performance tracking
  4. Workforce boost

Real-time communication

The move to a cloud-based system removes the one barrier that has always stifled mobile work management - poor communications. MyMobileWorkers strips away the reliance on slow and cumbersome processes: paperwork, spreadsheets and calls.

With a mobile workforce management system, information is instantly shared across a mobile working operation. A smartphone app provides workers with everything they need to get their jobs done.

It also means that managers are able to track and monitor the exact location and status of each employee in real-time. If last minute changes are made to schedules or job details are updated - it’s instantly communicated.

Automated processes

A move to MyMobileWorkers means fieldworkers don’t need to waste time doing tedious, repetitive and unproductive admin tasks as the system automatically collates and compiles job information.

With documentation handled digitally, there’s no need for paperwork to be collected or dropped off at an office or depot. It also removes the slow and error-prone task of staff having to manually transfer information from paper to digital.

The automation options with MyMobileWorkers includes scheduling; the software can work out the shortest routes and the most efficient order in which jobs should be completed - drastically reducing wasted journey time.

Performance tracking

A major benefit of MyMobileWorkers’s digital management is the access it provides to accurate and detailed data on every aspect of a mobile services operation. It allows you to monitor performance and productivity levels in ways that have not previously been possible.

A powerful feature of MyMobileWorkers is the ability to integrate customer and client feedback into workflow with the smartphone app used to rate any services delivered. The system also has reporting tools that allows information on areas such as mileage, invoices and item usage to be easily accessed.

It gives managers the ability to accurately monitor workforce productivity - to identify any misfiring processes and to constantly hone performance.

Workforce boost

Productivity will inevitably drop if mobile workers are feeling stressed and frustrated. And making fieldworkers carry out tedious and inefficient paperwork chores is a commonplace cause of demotivated field workers.

MyMobileWorkers provides a simple-to-use system which minimises the admin burden and lets mobile workers stay focused on more productive tasks. Better communications means that management doesn’t have to micromanage and can adopt a more ‘hands off’ attitude.

It allows for a more flexible approach to mobile workforce management, one which is in-tune with the digitally connected way people live their lives.

Moving to a digital management system is just one of the ways that you can improve the productivity of your mobile workers. You can find a full overview, including expert tips on ways of managing morale, in this productivity guide.

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