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How effective field service management benefits your company

The tendency with field service management is to focus solely on the cost and efficiency of your operation.

We look at how quickly services can be delivered and at what cost. This is what has powered the shift towards digital management methods.

Switching from traditional paper-based methods to cloud-based data and real-time communications delivers significant cost and efficiency improvements.

Tasks that could take days using paperwork and manual admin methods can be completed in a matter of minutes when communications are handled digitally.

effective field service management benefits

But it’s important to understand that the benefits of an effective field service management setup go far beyond speed and efficiency.

While these are the most easily quantifiable advantages, there’s a whole range of ways that businesses benefit.

How does effective field service management benefit your company?

  1. Performance monitoring
  2. Customer/client experience
  3. Business agility
  4. Employee engagement
  5. Company image

Performance monitoring

You can’t improve management performance without having access to accurate operational information. This has been a major problem with traditional paper-based management approaches.

An effective system, that makes use of digital processes, will automatically generate accurate data on every aspect of a field service operation.

When combined with reporting tools, this information allows weaknesses to be identified and work processes to be honed over time, maximising productivity.

Customer/client experience

In today’s business environment, delivering services on time is no longer enough. Customers also expect an open and user-friendly process that keeps them informed throughout the delivery cycle.

The use of cloud-based technology allows clients to share the benefits of real-time communications with instant access to information on the status and location of a delivery.

It also gives customer support teams all of the accurate operational data they need to quickly and efficiently handle any inquiries or complaints.  

Business agility

The true test of a field service management system is how it copes with unpredictable changes. This could be the day-to-day disruption of a last-minute job cancellation or the long term scalability challenges of an evolving business.

Digital management methods provide the flexibility required to handle an unpredictable business environment. Real-time monitoring of fieldworkers allows a manager to stay on top of operations - reacting to issues as they arise.

A digital approach also provides the scalability that’s needed to handle the needs of a growing business as a workforce expands and administrative demands become more challenging.

Employee engagement

Making sure that employees are well motivated is a particularly problematic area of field service management. The lack of face-to-face time with workers makes it difficult to identify issues and build morale.

It’s an area where improved communications can have a significant impact. Digital tools provided managers with the ability to monitor and communicate with remote workers in a way which has not been previously possible.

Rather than employees having to fend for themselves when they’re on the road, they have the benefit of external support and guidance. It allows issues to be identified early - before they’re allowed to grow into stressful problems.

Company image

The management tools used by a company help to create the image the organisation projects to the world. Any paper-based or manual processes are liable to convey the impression of an outdated business.

Conversely, the use of digital processes creates a positive image of a forward-looking company. The use of digital tools is a reassure for clients and customers, signifying a professional and efficient service.

This can also affect recruitment with a new generation of worker having grown-up in a digitally connected world. Employers who seem out-of-sync with this will struggle to attract the best workers.

How effective is your company’s field service operation? You can find a guide on ways to measure the success of your management system here: 

mobile workforce management

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