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Job management software barriers: Fear of change

Job management software barriers: Fear of change

You’re not alone - fear of change is a prominent barrier with job management software.

When we’re faced with change we tend to focus on all the things that could possibly go wrong. It’s a natural human trait - we take comfort from routine and structure, and feel apprehensive about anything that disrupts that.

But there comes a point when fears can start to become irrational and stifling. 

It’s something companies face when they’re considering the merits of switching from their old way of working to a new one. It’s a dilemma just about every organisation is facing as we move from an analogue to a digital business world.

Here's some of the most common concerns when it comes to mobile workforce management software:

“It’ll be too difficult to use”

This will cause chaos as employees find themselves flummoxed by the technology. Not everyone is a tech whizz and those employees who’ve spent years working with paper sheets and forms simply won’t be able to cope.

Although it's one of the biggest initial concerns companies have, it’s also the area where the fears are furthest from reality. For job management software to be effective, it has to be simple enough for even the biggest technophobe to get to grips with.

With MyMobileWorkers specifically, constant refinement and feedback allows anyone to be able to pick it up and use.

“Employees just don’t want it”

The workers simply won’t take to it. They’re happy with the way we do things and trying to impose this new system on them will be disastrous.

It’s true that workers are liable to be wary about any move to a new system but this goes back to the fear of the unknown. The more they’re made a part of the changeover process, the less resistant they’re liable to be.

The most effective way to tackle discontent is to get employees using it. It allows them to see for themselves the real-world benefits - a simpler, more flexible and less hassle way of working. Read more about how to get mobile workers bought into the benefits of digital tracking.

“It’s a cost we can’t afford”

We have to keep a tight grip on operating costs and this is an expense we can do without. Paper-based systems may not be as efficient but they certainly don’t cost as much.

The number one reason organisations move over to MyMobileWorkers is that it saves them time and money. When you work out the true costs of paper-based methods when matched against a digital management system, the financial benefits are significant.

On average customers of MyMobileWorkers save £5 per job completed by their field workers. Read more about how workforce management software provides a return on investment.

“Any gains are marginal”

It may save some money but the financial gains aren’t worth all the hassle involved in making the switch.

One of the things that's hard to appreciate before making the move over to a digital management system is how deeply rooted the organisational benefits can be. What companies experience is the equivalent of moving from the hassle of handwriting and posting letters to the ease of pinging off an email.

The real long-term advantage comes from moving to a digital system which is designed to meet the demands of today’s business environment. It’s flexible, scalable and configures to meet the specific needs of your business.

So, yes, you do save time and money but that’s just a part of it.

The best way to allay any fears about moving to a new system is to give it a go.

Going paper free

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