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Maintaining quality control with MyMobileWorkers

From safety compliance to job performance, MyMobileWorkers has everything you need to ensure mobile workers are meeting quality standards.

Quality Control P

Integrated audit tools deliver a simple and effective way to manage qualitative standards without the hassle and costs of manual paperwork and processing.


How does MyMobileWorkers job auditing work?

When a mobile worker completes a job, all of the related data is collated, stored and made instantly accessible to managers or supervisors. Along with the basic ‘who, what, where’ of each job, the data may also include:


The audit tools provide a simple way to rate the quality of a job and any submitted information. Was a task completed within an acceptable timeframe? Do the attached images provide the information required?

These kinds of checks can be used to create an overall quality rating for each job. High quality works with protocols properly followed will score high percentage ratings.

Lower ratings will help to highlight potential compliance risks and areas of worker performance which may need to be improved. It’s a simple way to identify the kind of costly operational problems that would otherwise go undetected

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How can quality audits be used?

  • Compliance 
  • Accreditation
  • Performance

The power of the system is its flexibility. The audit checks made can be configured to match the specific needs of each client and industry. The typical uses include:



An audit lets you make sure that safety protocols are not just being followed but also done to sufficient standards. A typical example would be to rate the quality of submitted POWRA (Point of Work Risk Assessment) reports.



That data from quality control audits provides auditors with a reassuring level of information about your internal processes and compliance procedures. It makes ISO accreditation achievable without the admin burden of manually tracking and collating paperwork.



Accurate data on job quality gives managers the information they need to improve the performance of a mobile workforce. It allows weaknesses to be tackled and quantifiable targets and goals to be set.


Delivering quality mobile services

With automated workflows, enforced processes and job audit ratings, MyMobileWorkers allows qualitative and quantitative performance to be managed and monitored. It’s an effective way to make sure that jobs are being carried out in a safe and compliant matter which meets all of the performance standards set by your business.

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