Maintenance team increases job attendance by 34% after going digital

Written by Abbie Hughes

After switching from paper to a digital way of working, property company Housing Solutions have seen an increase in job attendance from circa 60% to 94%.

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Managing and maintaining over 7500 properties highlighted the inefficiencies of a manual process, especially when it came to assigning job rotas. This led Housing Solutions to explore a digital platform to manage workers, ultimately turning to MyMobileWorkers.

After reviewing the software and discovering its ability to meet all of the critical requirements set out, along with a low set-up cost, MyMobileWorkers was implemented in less than a month.

It was an onerous burden providing evidence to customers that operatives were on site for the specified time frame and completed jobs to the highest standard. Now there is transparency between the office and field due to the instant transfer of real-time information from the site.

Housing Solutions know exactly where their workers are and the times they were on the job, so appropriate action can take place with any inefficient staff members who aren’t attending or completing jobs correctly.

Also, workers now take more pride in their work as office staff can see exactly what they have done on site, leading to better staff appraisals and a reduction in labour turnover.

With enforced on-site photos, supervisors no longer need to travel around all of the sites to monitor jobs as it is all accessible from the office, creating a more efficient process, reducing fuel costs and resulting in greater time management.

Leaseholders and tenants used to be charged a flat fee for job completion, but with access to a range of data Housing Solutions now charge for the exact amount of time workers were on site. This has increased income from jobs and strengthened cash flow as invoices can now be sent out immediately after the job has been completed.

Being customer-centric a move to digital has increased customer satisfaction and ensured customer retention. Complaints can be dealt with immediately as all job information is readily available on the portal as soon as it has happened. With customers being more informed, as soon as they have any queries, this has drastically reduced complaints and boosted brand reputation.

False complaints can be rectified due to greater visibility. Features such as GPS tracking, time stamps and enforced photos have allowed Housing Solutions to remove false liability and provide proof of service.

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