The survivor’s guide to managing a mobile workforce

Written by MyMobileWorkers


You can always tell somebody who has been managing a mobile workforce - they’ll have that haunted look in their eyes.

Because they’ve seen things. They’ve dealt with the kind of situations that would cause an ordinary office manager to cower under their desk.

They’ve experienced the horrors of trying to effectively manage and monitor a team of fieldworkers who have been let loose on the public.

It is the fear of the unknown that makes managing a mobile workforce a worrying task. You wonder...

  • Where are they?
  • What are they doing?
  • Why are they never where you want them to be?

These are the constant fears you face if your organisation is still using traditional paper-based management methods to try and control their mobile teams.

But don’t get despondent - get tooled up and move over to a digital workforce management system.

Here’s how a workforce management system can help you survive the everyday horrors of managing a mobile workforce:

Angry customers

You find yourself dealing with an angry customer or client who’s raging about the non-appearance of a scheduled delivery. And you can’t do anything to calm them down because the delivery driver has conveniently stopped answering their phone.

With MyMobileWorkers you have real-time information which shows you exactly where each and every mobile worker is. It means you don’t have to rely on irate customers to know when there’s a problem. You no longer have to keep in constant contact with your worker to retrieve job information, it can be all accessed from the web portal.

Paper problems

It’s the morning, you’re just about to print off your team’s job sheets for the day and…your printer’s out of ink. And somebody has forgotten to order more and you’ve got a team of mobile workers getting increasingly grouchy and jobs as they wait for jobs they’re already late for.

MyMobileWorkers removes your reliance on paperwork. Everything each and every fieldworker needs is available via the smartphone app - task sheets, site plans, safety compliance checks. And if anything changes - they’re updated instantly.

Unclear writing

You get a job sheet back and one of your fieldworkers has helpfully added a very important note. It’s something that needs to be acted on and it says: “Snmr tazr neddle 10.45”…or something. It’s basically just a rain-splashed smudge and the employee who wrote it - he’s now off on his hols. So how are you going to resolve this issue?

With MyMobileWorkers, you don't need; clipboards, soggy paper and mysterious squiggles. Instead, the smartphone app is designed to let mobile workers provide quick and accurate digital information which is instantly accessible at head office.

100% proof

There’s an irate customer demanding compensation; they reckon something has been fitted in completely the wrong place. But your employee says it’s where the customer wanted it and they signed off on the job. So you’ve spent the past 45 minutes rifling through folders and digging through files and…you can’t find the completion sheet. And that phone’s ringing again.

With a digital system you’re able to pull out any information you need within seconds. The system integrates information together with the task sheet including everything from time and location of the job to the digital signature provided by the customer as sign-off. So you won't be liable for any false claims. 

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