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Why Mario needs a workforce management power-up

super mario land game card

He’s a dungaree wearing Italian odd-job man and probably the most famous mobile worker in the entire galaxy. Yep, it’s a Mario!

Since his first appearance as a plumber, almost 40 years ago, this video games legend has turned his white gloved hand to just about everything.

With 200 games under his belt, ranging from doctoring to archaeology to ghost hunting to kart racing, there are few work tasks that Mario hasn’t had to face.

And as the best selling video game franchise of all time, he’s managed to handle whatever challenges have been chucked at him pretty well.

But we think he could do better.

Because what a busy mobile worker like Mario needs is the kind of power-up that’s provided by a move over to a mobile workforce management system. Wee-hee!!

So here’s how we reckon MyMobileWorkers could help Mario:

Mario multitasking

One day Mario could be tasked with dodging burning barrels and saving princesses, the next he’s off to collect coins in a jungle. So he needs a quick and efficient way of knowing exactly what to do each day - where he needs to be, what he needs to do and what kit to take with him.

This is exactly what a mobile workforce management system slaps onto the table. It pulls together all of the information that a mobile worker needs to get the job done and lets them access it via the smartphone app. And if any details change, they’ll know about it instantly.

Extra lives

Whether he’s screeching around a kart track or jumping over piranha plants, Mario’s mobile work is risky. So to reduce the risk, he really needs to start using the safety features offered by a good workforce management system.

They let you integrate safety checks and reminders into the daily routine of each of your fieldworkers. It can be a check on the roadworthiness of a vehicle or confirmation that precautions are taken before using a particular bit of kit.

It’s a great way to make sure any risks are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Paperless Mario

One of the most popular Mario games is Paper Mario - it’s set in a world where our mustachioed hero battles through a hostile land made from paper. It makes for an ace game but having to cope with paper overload is a familiar problem faced by many mobile workers.

It’s the hassle of having to handle a blizzard of paperwork - task sheets, work schedules, customer orders, site plans, safety reminders etc. It makes for slow, cumbersome and inefficient work.

With a digital mobile workforce system all this disappears - everything is neatly stored in digital form and instantly accessible via the smartphone app.

Multiplayer management

Of course, it’s not just Mario you’ll have to worry about. In many games he’s joined by his younger brother Luigi - and this is where you really need mobile workforce management. Because while they’re scurrying around trying to fix the leaking pipes - you’re always able to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

With a mobile workforce management system, the smartphone of each worker provides you with real-time information - where they are, what they’re doing and how well they’re doing it. If there’s a sneaky leak that the one of the Mario bros has missed - you’ll have it covered.

Going paper free

Full image credit: FreeImages.com/Szalai László


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