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Is your business suffering from paperwork nightmares?

pile of paperwork

Once it takes hold - it seems unstoppable. It creeps silently into every crevice of your company, becoming ever more bloated as it feeds on your weakness and inefficiency.

This is a terror, much scarier than The Blob or Godzilla, which has the power to bring even the biggest of businesses grinding to a halt. That’s right - we’re talking paper.

And if you’re one of those companies that still relies on paper-based processes to manage your mobile workers, things are set to get scarier. Because more of your competitors will be enjoying the advantages of switching over to digital management systems.

By moving to a system such as MyMobileWorkers, a company can virtually remove the need for paper from the entire management process. Mobile workers get all the information they need from the MyMobileWorkers smartphone app.

It replaces all of the slow, fiddly and costly ways to manage and schedule with fast, simpler and more cost effective digital equivalents. Here are just some of the reasons why paper should give you the shivers:

Claws of time

Think about how long it would take to share this article digitally and compare it to the paper-based equivalent. Digitally, you press ‘share’ and you’re done. With paper, you will need to print it off, photocopy it and then mail one to each person.

It’s the difference between doing something in seconds or hours and days. And when you apply this to those processes which are required to manage a team of mobile workers - there’s only ever going to be one winner.

The money pit

Being able to work faster and smarter with a digital system brings obvious bottom-line benefits - you can achieve more for less. It allows both better management and more efficient workers.

And that’s not to mention the other savings you make from cutting paper out of the process - printers, photocopiers, ink cartridges, stationery, postage and, of course, the paper itself.

Lifting the fog

The advantages of digital management go beyond speed, efficiency and cost. It also allows you to lift the ‘fog’ that stifles effective management of mobile workers when using paper-based processes.

In the past, once a mobile worker was on the road, there was little you could do to keep tabs on them. With a digital system, you’re now able to track and monitor their progress in real-time - where they are, what they’re doing and how well they’re doing it.

Stop customer screams

The real-time tracking ability provided by MyMobileWorkers let you provide a level of service to customers and clients that just isn’t possible with paper-based management.

It gives your team all the information they need to deal with inquiries - down to the particular street a delivery driver is currently travelling along. The system also allows you to integrate customer contacts into your employee workflow, with SMS texts sent before or after a job is done.

Solving safety nightmares

A digital system can transform a safety policy from a static document into something that’s integrated into your workers’ tasks. The MyMobileWorkers app provides safety guidance checks and notifications with head office able to monitor which safety boxes have been ticked.

It helps to properly protect your workers and also guards against the significant risks posed by compliance breaches - fines, prosecutions and reputational damage. It’s a way to manage safety which is simply not possible with paper-based methods.

If your company is still having paperwork induced nightmares, snap out of it and learn more about what to expect when your mobile workers go paper free.

Going paper free

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