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The benefits of MyMobileWorkers for highways clients

Written by MyMobileWorkers

Switching to paperless working is great for your highways workers but what are the benefits for your clients?

The two things are obviously linked because if your teams are working faster, smarter and more effectively then you’re delivering them a better service.

But the benefits for a client go beyond simply being a bit better.

And the advantages of real-time digital management can play an important role in making your highways company stand out when it comes to competing for public and private contracts.

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What is MyMobileWorkers?

MyMobileWorkers is a mobile workforce management tool that lets you manage and monitor a highways workforce in real-time. A mobile app tracks the movements and action of each operative with a fully paperless process to handle all documentation and data collection.

What are the benefits of MyMobileWorkers for highways company clients?

Switching to MyMobileWorkers fundamentally transforms the way that a highways company can manage its workforce. It provides an agile, real-time way of working that removes the need for manual processing of paper documents.

For a client, the benefits include:

1. Fast and efficient

First and foremost, the client is receiving a faster, more efficient and reactive level of service. This isn’t just something that you’re promising - it’s something that can be demonstrated with a robust and repeatable step-by-step workflow.

Real-time management and the removal of manual paper processing will streamline workflows and reduce wastage caused by errors and inefficiencies.

Every stage of the workflow is broken down into tasks and responsibilities which are being automatically tracked. It provides clients with a reassuring level of detail on exactly what, how and when things will be done.

A paperless process also means that information that’s collected by highway teams can be instantly shared with a client. Documents, reports and status updates can be shared within minutes - rather than hours or days.

2. Safe and compliant

MyMobileWorkers helps to give a client the peace of mind that work is being managed safely, following all of the relevant compliance protocols. Each safety measure can be integrated into the workflow with notifications, checks and enforced tasks.

It shifts safety from being a reactive measure to something that’s being actively tracked, monitored and stored. Clients can be shown a digital audit showing a timeline of every step that has been taken to ensure the work is being done safely.

The system can also be used to require on-site photographs to be taken. These can be used to show that a roadwork complies with Chapter 8 Traffic Signs Manual or to record the PPE kit being used.

All of this information can be shared with a client to demonstrate fully your company’s commitment to safety and the ability to deliver it.

3. Open and transparent

Good communications play a major role in delivering superior service to clients. At every stage, they want regular communications and clear and transparent communications which lets them see exactly what’s being done.

By tracking each stage of the process, MyMobileWorkers supplies all of the data that’s needed to meet these requirements with:

  • Instant status updates
  • Accurate time tracking/billing
  • Fast documentation submission

Clients can have their own customer portal which allows them to access the latest information and job updates for themselves. It’s a level of communication that helps to remove the stress and uncertainty that clients are liable to feel when they’re not sure what’s happening.

4. Quality control

A common requirement, particularly with public sector contracts, is for suppliers to be asked what they’re doing to innovate and improve their service. They want to be shown ways that highways providers are going above and beyond the offerings of competitors.

The MyMobileWorkers audit tool provides a range of ways that this kind of commitment and driver to improve can be demonstrated. The tool tracks qualitative and quantitative data relating to jobs.

This information can include on-site ratings based on the quality of service delivery. All of this data can be accessed reviewed and rated to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

It’s a practical way to show a commitment to improving and innovating your services. It’s a way to track performance and maintaining the highest standards that sends out all the right messages to a client.

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