Employee worries: Digital workforce management system

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A change in process can feel like a leap in the dark for employees.

Moving from traditional paper based methods of management, that you have used for years, and changing to a mobile workforce management system can appear like a leap in the dark. 

The biggest barrier we help organisations to overcome is the fear and expectation of what could happen when they switch over. We see first-hand how these fears are in contrast to what actually happens.

Here’s a look at some of the most common concerns we hear:

What if our staff can't use it?

This is one of the biggest initial concerns companies have, it’s also the area where the fears are furthest from reality. For a workforce management system to be effective, it has to be simple enough for even the biggest technophobe to get to grips with.

Thanks to constant refinement and feedback, that’s exactly what MyMobileWorkers delivers. Running on consumer standard Android smartphones, the app requires no more technical ability than for a task such as sending a text.

From our experience, even people who’ve never owned a smartphone are able to start using the system with the minimal need for training or instruction.

What if our staff won't use it?

There’s a big difference between your team not being able to use the software, and your team not wanting to use the software. Whether it is the “big brother” argument or the fact that your guys have fatter fingers than everyone else on the planet, we have heard it all.

There are two schools of thought to how to work this:

1. It’s your job – tough

2. Get buy in from them and make them understand it is about their protection

The school of thought you choose depends on your business culture. Choose one and stick to it, if your team aren’t able to use it this can be sorted through training.

If your team don’t want to use it, that is up to you to resolve - we can’t force that!

Will it result in job losses?

When talking about a system that can reduce administration time, job losses are always a concern. The truth is: if you’re using a paper system then your business is already wasting resource.

Once the software is fully implemented some businesses recognise that there can be changes in the company structure.

The answer is, it’s down to the business.

You can either take the benefits of the software as reduced administration time and free up the resource, therefore reducing business costs, or, put them to work on other areas such as improving customer service or marketing the business. What your business decides to do with the resource you’re freeing up is up to you.

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