Traffic management company sees significant business growth after going digital

Written by Abbie Hughes

Traffic management specialists, Fenton TM, have reduced paper usage by 85%, creating a huge time and cost saving, whereby they can prioritise business growth and development.

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MyMobileWorkers, a digital solution to manage jobs and operatives, has allowed Fenton TM to reduce administration time by 75%. Their previous paper process would take countless hours to organise future jobs and send them out to operatives, hindering growth opportunities.

Now, a large proportion of this time saving is reinvested into sales and business development, thus resulting in higher levels of growth and the need for extra capacity. Fenton TM were able to increase their staff levels by 50% as a direct result of changing to a digital way of working.

With the growth of the business and MyMobileWorkers ability to free up time, Director of Fenton TM, Tony Bayford, no longer has to work a multitude of extra hours daily. He can now enjoy free time with his family whilst being safe in the knowledge that the business can operate smoothly.

A contributing factor to the growth and reduction in administration was the digitising all of their job sheets while being able to tailor them to meet specific requirements. This ensures operatives gather all the necessary information required on the job, reducing margins for error.

Enforced questions, photographs and risk assessments are integrated into the operatives daily routine, providing indisputable proof to customers that the job has been successfully completed as well as being compliant with health and safety regulations.

Investing in a paperless system has significantly improved Fenton’s cash flow due to a reduction in the time taken to invoice. Previously, it would take 5 days (on average) for operatives to return their paper job sheets before the invoicing process could take place. With a digital system, all the information is readily available meaning the invoicing process is more fluid, occurring immediately after job completion.

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