Turn your mobile workers into your sales team

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One of your mobile workers has just completed a job and they’re chatting away to the customer as they pack away their kit.

Turn mobile workers into sales team

The customer’s thanking them for a job well done and mentions that they’ve another site which will soon need some similar maintenance work carrying out.

Your engineer takes out their smartphone, asks for a few more details, taps the information into their device and creates a provisional job booking for the customer.

Once it’s checked by head office, the customer will receive a confirmation email containing all of the information they need.

This is how simple and effortless it can be for mobile workers to sell your services.

Here's how to turn your mobile workers into your sales team:

  • Fluid way of working
  • Science behind sales
  • Empowering mobile workers
  • Sales friendly approach
  • Boosting company brand 


Fluid way of working

It’s an organic way to work; one which breaks down the barriers that have traditionally existed between sales teams and those workers who are out on-the-road.

Normally, the customer would have to contact an office or fill out a form. Or the mobile worker may have added a written note to the job sheet, requesting the customer is given a follow-up call.

Whichever way it’s handled, that moment where a decision is made is lost. Follow up calls are missed and the planned job fades from the customer’s mind or they start to seek out alternative options.


Science behind sales

The effect of this time lag is something that social psychologists have identified and described in the Theory of Reasoned Actions.

In simple terms, the longer that it takes for a person to make a decision, the less likely they are to make a decision. The idea dissipates over time.

This is why understanding and utilising the potential sales power of frontline employees can be so effective when building a business.

Mobile workers who are the human face of a company who are able to quickly build connections and trust, simply by meeting a customer’s expectations.


Empowering mobile workers

With a mobile workforce management system, such as MyMobileWorkers, employees have the power to create new jobs. They can do this from wherever they are, using only their smartphone.

Once the details are entered into their device, it goes to the back-office team for the information to be checked, approved before a confirmation is sent out.

A digital workforce management system also allows a mobile workforce to be easily kept up to date on the latest products and services that a business offers.

Job specific sales information can be added to the resources that are available to a fieldworker, making them instantly accessible via their smartphone or tablet.


Sales friendly approach

The concepts of ‘upselling’ and ‘cross-selling’ are well established within the retail world but these ideas can also be effective when applied to a mobile services businesses.

This doesn’t mean forced sales patter but simply making sure that customers and clients know exactly what goods or services are relevant to them.

Automated on-screen notifications can be created to give mobile workers a real-time reminder to check with a customer if they require any other products or services.

It’s a simple way to make sure opportunities aren’t lost and particularly effective for building up repeat business.


Boosting company brand

As well as having the ability to boost revenue, the combination of digital tools and a sales oriented workforce can help to improve a company’s overall ‘brand’.

It’s the difference between someone scribbling down notes on a scrap of paper and the professionalism of an employee who deals with a request instantly using a digital device.

It’s a sign of a forward-looking business that’s focused on delivering the best possible service to its users. It’s the quality of customer service that’s now expected in today’s digitally connected world.

You can find out how MyMobileWorkers handles job creation and a full guide to the system’s feature set here:

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