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Why Operation Managers deserve smarter ways to work

Keeping the roads running smoothly during all the chaos of COVID has required some heroic work from our highways teams.


And especially by frontline managers who have had to balance project delivery with meeting the shifting challenges of PPE, lockdowns and changing guidelines.

It has cranked up stress levels as many operation managers went above and beyond their job requirements to make sure work was done and workers remained safe.

So with light at end of the pandemic tunnel now in sight, here’s a look at some ways that MyMobileWorkers can make life easier for our hard-working ops managers.

Planner: Simpler and smarter scheduling

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The pandemic made scheduling tough for ops managers with restricted access to offices and depots. But MyMobileWorkers removes the need for plans to be scribbled on a whiteboard or paper job sheets to be printed off.

A simple and visual calendar allows efficient scheduling with the data used to automatically create accurate job information. If changes need to be made, it’s achieved with a drag and drop.

Read more about the resource planner here.

Alerts: Keeping tabs on what’s happening

One of the toughest tasks for an ops manager is keeping track of all of the information - exactly who’s doing what. Traditionally that has meant constant calls and texts to check status.

MyMobileWorkers removes this headache with real-time tracking and automated alerts. These notifications can keep managers informed of everything from when jobs are started/finished to safety check failure alerts.

Read more about alerts here.

Portal: Better communications

With a customer portal, an operations manager can allow approved clients and partners to access all of the latest job updates. By logging in they can get real-time updates on the work of your highways teams.

It’s a transparent approach that builds confidence and helps to shield an operations manager from the task of having to constantly field calls and keep partners up to speed.

Enforcement: Making sure of safe working

COVID-19 added to the challenge of protecting highway crews with new rules on face masks, distancing and workplaces. MyMobileWorkers helps managers to maintain compliance by providing powerful enforcement tools.

Tasks can require workers to provide images to show proof that compliant protocols have been followed, whether it’s the wearing of PPE or the layout of temporary roadworks.

Read more about enforcing health and safety here.

Asset Management: Tracking kit/equipment

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One tool that helps to keep operations managers on top of things is MyMobileWorkers asset manager. This removes the pain of trying to manually keep track of where assets are and what their status is.

The asset manager uses geotags, timestamps and image attachments to give managers a 360 view of where vehicles, plant and machinery are. It also helps to ensure that safety checks and maintenance schedules are being followed.

Summary: Power-ups for mobile management

The job of managing highway crews is tough enough without all the added stresses and strains of whiteboards, paper documents and manual administration. 

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