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3 signs you need to work on your mobile business reputation

Signs you need to work on your mobile business reputation

Managing a field service operation means being at the ‘coalface’ of a business.

Away from the glossy marketing and meeting room discussions, this is where a company has to deliver what’s been promised to customers and clients…literally.

Whether it’s delivering items and services to meet tight deadlines or efficiently carrying out scheduled tasks - efficiency and reliability of this aspect of a business plays such a crucial role in how people will perceive it.

All of the work building up a strong company brand and providing the best quality services can be quickly undone when delivery times are missed and mobile workers are failing to meet customer expectations.

But knowing exactly what people think of a mobile working operation is tricky. A famous study by TARP Research found that 96 percent of unhappy service users never make a complaint.

It’s the reason why providing opportunities for feedback are a vital part of any successful mobile work setup. But there are some everyday signs that should set alarm bells ringing for any ops manager when working on your mobile business reputation.

Signs you need to work on your mobile business reputation:

  1. Root out negative social media
  2. Identify level of repeat business
  3. Are you doing what you say?

Root out negative social media

While only a small percentage of dissatisfied customers may contact your business directly, that doesn’t mean they’re not making themselves heard. Social media now provides an instant way to communicate anger and frustration with a service which is accessible and can become viral to the entire world.

Monitoring complaints received internally is not enough, an active policy is required to monitor social media for feedback, with a focus on Facebook and Twitter. While it’s not nice to find negative comments, they provide vital information on potential weaknesses in a mobile work operation.

A failure to identify and engage with online activity can magnify the negativity perceptions and have a damaging impact on a company’s reputation. It’s why providing customers with an opportunity to leave feedback makes this challenge much more manageable.

Identify level of repeat business

A simple sign of a well regarded company is that people keep using it. If customers aren’t returning because of issues with your mobile working operation, then it’s something you need to know about.

Until recently, trying to keep track of customer and client activities has been too costly and time consuming for all but the largest of organisations. Finding and collating accurate customer information manually has been an administrative headache.

It’s a task where a digital workforce management system can prove invaluable with customer details automatically stored. It allows a company of any size to start monitoring repeat business rates.


Are you doing what you say?

While there are lots of different metrics and indicators that try to identify business performance, the bottom line when it comes to company reputation is…are you doing what you say?

It’s when the promises and commitments a business makes fall out of kilter with customers’ real-world experiences that reputations take a dive. This is particularly true for mobile services with the focus on efficiency and reliability.

If you say deliveries will be made within 24 hours - how often do you actually achieve this? Consistently failing to meet commitments will grind away at a company’s reputation.

So if receiving complaints is the only way you have of identifying failures with your fields services, you need to explore better ways to track operations. The power of social media means that failure to identify and address problems can seriously dent a company’s reputation. 

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