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Software that provides a return on investment

Written by MyMobileWorkers

workforce management software return on investment

When you invest in something - you want something back. Otherwise, you wouldn’t last long in the world of business.

And back in 1954, an American paper cup salesman called Ray Croc decided he wanted to invest in something.

He had noticed the success of a tiny chain of burger restaurants in California, run by two brothers - Richard and James McDonald.

So he paid them $2.7 million to buy out the business and 20 years later Ray Croc was a billionaire, owner of one of the world’s most successful fast-food companies - McDonald’s.

That’s what you call getting a good ROI (Return on Investment).

Alright, MyMobileWorkers might not be able to match Mr Croc but the number one reason companies move over to our mobile workforce management software is ROI.

Yes, it does lots of cool and clever things but the bottom line is simply that it helps companies to save money. Here's how:

1) Time saving

The big saving you’ll make when switching to MyMobileWorkers is time. And the more you’re reliant on paperwork and manual processes, the more time you’ll save by moving to a digital mobile workforce system.

It’s the difference between posting a letter and pinging off an email. But it's not only the administration time that's reduced:

  • Time to discover defects in work
  • Time taken to invoice
  • Time taken to get paid
  • Time travelling to and from the office

Using a digital system to manage mobile workers saves business on average an hour a day, which can be spent marketing their business instead.

2) Fuel costs

One of the biggest money burners for any business which relies on mobile workers is fuel. Wasted journeys and unnecessary trips quickly ratchet up when multiplied by the number of employees being managed.

And efficient management of mobile workers is virtually impossible when it’s so hard to keep tabs on where each employee is and what they’re doing. It’s a fundamental problem which workforce management software fixes.

With MyMobileWorkers, you can monitor each and every employee, in real-time. And with no more paperwork needed, the number of wasted journeys to pick up work orders or drop off job sheets is drastically reduced.

Jobs can be allocated based on the mobile workers' current location, as well as ordering jobs by the most fuel efficient route.

Read more about how to reduce drivers' fuel costs here.

3) Reduce legal costs

While everyday running costs can be death by a thousands cuts, there’s one much bigger financial wallop that companies need to avoid. That comes from the legal costs of being prosecuted or fined for non-compliance.

With managing a team of field workers, the biggest risk is falling foul of health and safety legislation. In 2014, there were 582 company health and safety prosecutions, resulting in £16.4 million in fines.

With MyMobileWorkers, you integrate your company’s safety policies into your mobile workers’ daily work routines. The smartphone app builds safety reminders and compliance checks into their schedule, ensuring the safety of mobile workers and the general public.

4) Paper costs

Saving time, reducing hassle and improving efficiency aren’t the only benefits of a paper free system. The other is… you don’t need paper. And you probably won’t appreciate just how much of this stuff you use until you no longer need it.

No more designing and ordering service sheets. Your mobile workers already have the tools they need: almost everyone has a smartphone, and for once, forgetting a pen doesn't matter.

Want to know just how much you're spending at the moment with paper? Add up the hours it takes in administration, fuel costs, paper costs. Then consider the benefits of having real time communication with mobile workers. Once you've seen the benefits of going paper free, you'll never go back to your old ways.

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