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Direct Traffic Management

After 30 years in the business, Direct Traffic sought out a more efficient and safer way of working.


The background

Direct Traffic Management have been offering traffic management services nationwide for the past 30 years.

Their commitment to safety, service and efficiency has given them a strong reputation throughout the highways industry, giving clients a high quality and valuable service.

The problem

Before MyMobileWorkers, Direct relied heavily on whiteboards and paperwork for their operations.

Each day, the operations team would plan what resources they needed for upcoming work on a whiteboard, which would then be typed up onto a spreadsheet. This process was not only messy and inconvenient for staff outside of the office, but key information would occasionally be missed which would lead to frustrations internally.

On top of this, Direct would have issues in receiving job information back from the operatives. This meant they didn’t have accurate information of job, equipment and vehicle statuses, as the paper job sheets could be missing or illegible.

The solution

Keen to establish a more efficient way of working, as well as an improved service to clients, Direct decided to look into mobile workforce management software. Simon Chadwick, Managing Director of Direct Traffic Management, needed a system that served the traffic management industry and that they could tailor to their needs.

After seeing MyMobileWorkers work for other companies in the industry, as well as its ability to force a process, Simon decided to get in touch.

Direct traffic


"After looking at a few options, MyMobileWorkers just seemed to fit. They understood our needs as a traffic management company, and adapted it to fit exactly how we wanted. It’s made us more efficient, compliant and reduced our business costs and we wouldn’t be where we are today without it."

Simon Chadwick, Managing Director, Direct Traffic Management

The benefits


Efficient scheduling

Physical whiteboards have since been replaced by digital screens, whereby Direct Traffic can now plan weeks in advance and inform operatives of any changes straight away.

All the information the planners need is available to see instantly: how much operative resource is needed, the qualifications of the operatives and what vehicles the jobs require.Where previously, issues would arise with double booking operatives or vehicles, MyMobileWorkers’ resource planner highlights any potential clashes, as well as highlighting any absences within the slot.

“The resource planner has benefitted us greatly, giving our planners an easy way to visualise planned jobs. This has not only reduced the time it took to complete the labour list, but also reduced the amount of human error by pointing out any conflicts. It’s invaluable to our operations.”


Greater customer service

Before using MyMobileWorkers, Direct Traffic had to compile job data from a lot of different sources. This meant that if a client called to ask for an update, or raised a dispute, the team would have to investigate, look back through job sheets and various spreadsheets.

Now, there is a clear and detailed log of what happened on a job, all in one place. Direct Traffic can now resolve disputes 80% faster than before, directly impacting their customer service.

All information is in one place, with one source of truth, with geo tags and time stamps to provide further proof, and can be accessed quickly and easily by anyone on the team.


Improved communication

With MyMobileWorkers, communication between the office and operatives is as simple as pressing a button. This means that Direct can send toolbox talks via documents to the operatives, who can then sign off to say they have read and completed them on their devices. This allows Direct to be able to see who has signed the document and who they need to chase.

When creating the jobs on the system, Direct can automatically assign item bundles, which makes sure that no equipment is missed. This means that loading lists can be produced quicker and more accurately, compared to their previous paper method, which would have issues with miscommunication due to handwriting.

MyMobileWorkers was also significantly useful during COVID 19, as Simon Chadwick from Direct Traffic explains:

“MyMobileWorkers made the transition from the office to working from home a great deal easier. It was easy to communicate any changes within the job, and the logs within the jobs allowed us to see the details of the changes. Overall, I don’t think working from home had that big of an impact on Direct Traffic operationally as it would have done without MyMobileWorkers.”


Enforced compliance

Direct Traffic had a great record for safety, however, they wanted a system that enforced this level of compliance in order to further protect their staff, and to prove to clients and auditors that they were doing everything they could to improve safety.

Since enforcing job checks, Direct Traffic have become 98% compliant. This has had a profound effect on insurance claims, section 74 fines, and speeding fines, which now all takes a matter of minutes to prove, whereas before it would take days.

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