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Forest Traffic Services

Leading temporary traffic management specialists, Forest Traffic Services, have created a more efficient operation process reducing job sheet collection by 2 weeks.

The background

Forest Traffic Services are one of the leading traffic management contractors, supplying temporary traffic management throughout Wales, Southern England and the Midlands for over 30 years.

The problem

Forest’s previous solution was an entirely manual process, relying on multiple spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper job packs, which inhibited valuable resources and became stressful for office staff and the operations team.

The leading problem lay in the lack of visibility from the office in regards to the status of the job. It would often take the operatives around 2 weeks for their job packs to be returned to the office, which caused delays with invoicing and issues with customer service.

More often than not, job information would return incomplete or unreadable, leaving the office staff to chase up operatives to confirm information.

Added to this, Forest were also under pressure from their clients and tenders to provide information about the job, including photographs, in real-time. With over 200 operatives completing over 2000 jobs per month, Forest needed a solution.

The solution

Forest had been down the software route with another provider but had found that the progress was broadly slow and uninspiring. After seeing MyMobileWorkers working well for other large traffic management companies, Forest decided to get in touch.

As Forest have over 200 operatives, their roll out strategy was to implement it at one depot at a time to ensure that everyone in the business knew exactly why they were doing it and to answer any questions they might have.

“We were worried about our operatives not making the full use of the software, but it turned out not to be an issue at all, and the operatives actually prefer it this way.”

Vicky Fraser, ICT Manager, Forest Support Services

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"We chose MyMobileWorkers because of their experience with traffic management companies, the ease of use and the ability to tailor it to suit our needs."

Vicky Fraser, ICT Manager, Forest Support Services

The benefits


Forces a process

A paper process is always difficult to enforce and Forest were no exception. Managers had to trust that all safety checks were performed and the job was completed correctly. The only proof they had of this was 2 weeks later when the sheets returned to the office.

Now they’re using MyMobileWorkers, safety checks are mandatory and available to view in the office instantly. It means managers can set a process for the workers to follow, including spending a set amount of time performing safety checks, capturing photographs and completing every information field.

Forest now have data to back up exactly what happened on site instead of relying on an untrustworthy piece of paper.


Improved cash flow

As part of Forest’s process, work can only be invoiced once the accounts department have the information to back it up, which previously caused delays of around 2 weeks due to operatives sending information back via post.

Forest can now process invoices before month end, whereas before they would have to work overtime in order to get the invoices to the customer on time.

Accounts no longer have to chase up any information from their colleagues as all information is available for them to view instantly from an online portal.


Improved operations

Assigning work has become substantially easier for Forest since switching to MyMobileWorkers. Their previous solution meant that all work was planned in using a whiteboard in head office. The only way staff members could be kept in the loop without constant phone calls to the office was to take photographs of the board, which became outdated quickly.

Job packs would then be physically handed to the operatives, causing major operational issues if the operatives called in sick.

All office staff members now have an online login to enable them to view all jobs, whether they are planned or completed.

Once a job is assigned to an operative, the entire job pack including drawings, RAMS and any other essential information is sent electronically instantly.

It not only means that Forest have more visibility over their workforce, but they can become much more responsive.


Exemplary customer service

Customer service has improved immeasurably since Forest has the ability to access real time job information. If a client calls into the office asking for the status of the job, any staff member can login and provide this information in a matter of seconds.

Having this ability has allowed Forest to bid for more tenders, due to a more desirable way of managing work, and has become a great selling point for existing clients.

As the quality of information Forest receives from the operatives is much higher than before, it means that they now know exactly what was on site and have proof to back it up. This enables them to charge much more accurately and shows that they are a more transparent company.

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