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LTM Design

Traffic management company, LTM Design, switched to MyMobileWorkers and can now focus on generating new business.


The background

LTM Design are a Bedfordshire based traffic management business, servicing the south of England.

They have been offering a top level and personal customer service to their clients for the past 5 years, with no job too big or too small.

The problem

When LTM Design was first established, Managing Director, Lee Philliskirk was responsible for all the administrative tasks within the business, including managing the paperwork from jobs. As these jobs required proof, it was a labour intensive task to scan, enter manually and send this information to his clients. 

After a while, Lee recognised that not only was this eating into his personal life and time with the family, it was also hindering business development as he couldn’t focus on growing his business. 

The solution

In an effort to become more efficient, LTM Design began speaking to other companies within the industry, and it became clear that that MyMobileWorkers was the perfect fit. It was everything LTM needed in a system and could also be adapted to fit their process.

As a small business at the time (less than 5 employees), Lee had to weigh up the costs of the system versus the benefits, and created a business case.



"Costs were definitely a consideration. I really had to plan for the future: What are LTM Design’s long term goals? I knew that I couldn’t keep up with the workload forever, and had to focus on generating more customers. MyMobileWorkers definitely helped me in that regard."

Lee Philliskirk, Managing Director, LTM Design

The benefits


A selling point for new customers

LTM can now offer their existing and prospective customers an online login to see what’s happening on their contracts as it happens.

This means that the client doesn’t have to get in touch with LTM and can see information at any time.

This has enabled LTM to bid for, and win new contracts and compete with other traffic management companies.


Increased efficiency

When LTM’s operatives were filling out job information via paperwork and other various systems, it would not only take a lot of the operatives’ time, but also the office and Lee himself.

It would take around a week for the information to be fully collated and ready to send to the customer.

Since switching to MyMobileWorkers, LTM can now see the information from the site as it happens and saves around 3 days a week in administration time.


Forced a safe process

It can be very difficult to know if a process has been followed when operatives fill information out via paperwork; something that Lee, Managing Director of LTM had discovered.

“The ability to force a process is invaluable when providing proof to clients, and also ensuring that the quality of our work is the same high standard every time. We can now force the operatives to complete defect sheets and submit photos before getting to the next stage of the job.”



Quick return on investment

Once fully set up and using MyMobileWorkers, the benefits became clear and it started providing a return on investment straight away.

From a personal standpoint, Lee could finally spend time with his family instead of working in his spare time to cope with the paperwork.

This, along with the ability to generate more clients, free up operatives time, and an increase in clients due to the software, all helped provide a quick return on investment.

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