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Cleaning business software

Easy to use cleaner management software to manage your cleaners effectively while saving on administration time and travel costs.

Prove your worth

Without proof of what happened on the job, it's difficult for cleaning businesses to prove that their services are needed.

By using cleaning business software from MyMobileWorkers, photos and signatures from clients can be enforced, providing proof that your cleaners were there on time, performing the services the customer paid for.

  • Automatically record time sheets
  • Cleaners can send information to the office instantly
  • View the location of cleaners
  • Automatically create repeat jobs

Everything in one place

Efficiency is key in any business. MyMobileWorkers provides cleaning businesses with software that brings every element of a successful, modern business together into one easy to use system.

Managers and office staff can login to view the location of cleaners, the status of jobs, job information and generate invoices. The calendar tool also allows managers to see easily the upcoming schedule to make planning jobs a breeze.

Housing Solutions

Property maintenance company, Housing Solutions, needed management software to prove what work had been completed and to accurately invoice clients for the time they were onsite.

  • 94% job attendance, which was previously 60%
  • 100% proof of job completion to a set standard
  • Improved customer service
  • Enforced onsite photos


Thinking about removing paper?

Download our guide to find out how removing paper makes your business more efficient.

Accurate information for invoicing

Automatically record what time your cleaners started and ended work in order to generate accurate billable time. No timesheets to submit at the end of the week, as all information is submitted to the office in real time.

If you'd rather bill for a service rather than the time spent, there is an option to assign a price to a service, meaning this can be easily added onto an invoice and sent to the customer within minutes of the job finishing.


Want to find out more?

MyMobileWorkers is enabling us to enforce a process for our workforce to follow whilst providing the ability to complete checklists, risk assessments and photographs.

The solution was rolled out to 100+ users within a 4 week period and the support we received was exemplary.

Nick Pack, General Manager of Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd