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Construction software

Abide by health and safety regulations by having all site information stored on the MyMobileWorkers app, whilst being able to have access to job information from the comfort of your office.

Construction management software

Have proof that your construction workers were on site and be able to see what time they arrived and left for the day with GPS tracking and time stamps.

Ensure that your construction business does everything in its means of accident prevention by enforcing a safe process that workers must follow when completing their daily jobs.

You can make it a requirement that workers take a set amount of photos on site to monitor their progress and inspect for potential hazards, whilst being able to record parts and items keeping track of your inventory levels.

  • Provide clients accurate job updates
  • Have attachments of site documents
  • Enforce a safe process
  • Have access to real time information

Happier customers

Construction projects can differ greatly on time scales. No matter the length of the project, provide a transparent service for your customers by offering them accurate work updates and job information so they know exactly what is happening on site.

Give them access to a customer portal where they can see the status of the job and access this information 24/7, removing the need for endless calls to the office for updates.

Record satisfaction ratings of the work that has been completed so you can see your level of service and monitor customer happiness so any issues can be resolved immediately before they manifest.

MC Contracts

Engineers can now access all the correct job information at the touch of a button, creating a large time saving when on site.

  • 45 hours a week travel time saving
  • Send invoices out straight away
  • Assign workers based on GPS location
  • Gained a competitive advantage

Going paper free

Paper just can’t compete with digital ways of working because of its safe storage, retrieval and usage. See how you can change your process today.

Construction job attachments

In industries such as construction it can be a mandatory requirement that workers have access to specific pieces of information, including health and safety manuals, site documents, risk assessments and job requirements.

MyMobileWorkers construction management software allows your workers to be able to retrieve all the necessary information at the touch of a button on their device, removing any need to carry mounds of paper.

With workers having everything they need on their device it means that there is no need for calls to and from the office, jobs can be started immediately as the app creates a better way to communicate and makes for a more efficient way of working.

Want to find out more?

As an SME it’s vital we are as efficient as possible, especially in the current economic climate. Not only does this app make our engineers more efficient but it saves on the administration work as staff don’t have to input the jobs onto the system.

The app means the engineer can access all the correct job information instantly at the touch of a button which saves them having to contact the office repeatedly for job details.

Mark Calver, Managing Director of MC Contracts