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Delivery management software

Delivery management software that gives you access to real time information as well as GPS tracking, ensuring that all deliveries are completed correctly and customers are satisfied.

Work smarter with delivery management software

For any modern delivery business, it is important to have transparency and the ability to see exactly what is happening outside of the office.

Waiting for information from drivers about an angry client or a failed delivery could cause problems that ripple through the business.

Delivery or courier management software from MyMobileWorkers allows managers or office staff to see how the business is performing in just a few clicks.

The status of a delivery, the satisfaction of the client and the route the driver has taken is all available to see from the web portal, while the driver completes their deliveries and records signatures via the app.

  • Track drivers 
  • Provide proof of delivery
  • Enforce vehicle safety checks
  • Reduce customer complaints

Stop chasing delivery drivers

A client shouldn’t have to ask where their delivery is. Having delivery management software not only gives your driver all the information they need to create a job, it also enables them to text the client to let them know they’re on their way.

As a manager or office staff member, you can oversee everything via the online portal: the status of deliveries, where the driver is or has been and if a client has been dissatisfied at their service, enabling you to step in and deal with the problems before they develop.

LWC Drinks Ltd

To cope with 8000 deliveries a week, LWC Drinks needed a system that was user friendly and reliable.

  • Closer customer relationships
  • More accurate estimated time of arrivals
  • All deliveries are accounted for
  • Instant updates for delivery drivers

Remove paper

A paper process has now become an inefficient method of working. This guide highlights the simple steps needed to change to a delivery management system.

Remove wasted journeys

With fuel costs being one of the biggest variable costs for a delivery company, intelligent journey planning is vital.

Many manual processes rely on drivers travelling to the office to pick up their jobs for the day, and returning the proof of delivery sheets at the end of the day, which is a waste of fuel, time and ultimately, money.

Delivery management software and courier software from MyMobileWorkers enables drivers to record electronic proof of deliveries, pick up jobs on the go and order their jobs to show the most fuel efficient route.

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We use and rely on the MyMobileWorkers software heavily on a day to day basis.

Damian Greenhalgh, Distribution Support Manager