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Electrician software

Record information from electrical jobs on one easy-to-use app and view real time information in the office with electrical contractor software from MyMobileWorkers.

Manage your electricians easily

With electrician software, managing both electricians and jobs is easy. Schedule jobs in advance and plan out your calendar in just a couple of clicks.

All job information is available to view in real time, meaning you can provide accurate updates to clients and higher ups on the status of jobs.

  • Keep track of stock
  • Enforce a safe process
  • Attach user manuals
  • Improve communication
Customer sign off

Enforcing a safe process

Without constant phone calls to electricians and scrutinising their job sheets, managers have no real way to tell that they are completing the job to a safe standard.

With electrician software from MyMobileWorkers, managers are able to set a process that electricians have to follow, ensuring that each completed job has been completed safely, and your reputation is intact.

With the ability to enforce signatures, photographs and customer feedback of the work completed, proving you're a reputable business is easy.

MC Contracts

MC Contracts are a building maintenance company who needed a system so that they could operate effectively in a competitive environment.

  • 45 hours a week saving in travel time
  • Invoices are sent out immediately
  • Jobs can be allocated based on location of workers
  • Created a competitive advantage










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Unsure about getting rid of paper?

When you're getting rid of a system that you've had for years, you're right to be apprehensive. Download our ebook to find out what made others make the switch.

Improve your cashflow

Electrician software allows managers and office staff to see job information as soon as it's completed, meaning that invoices can be done at any place, at any time.

The faster an invoice is issued, the faster it's likely to be paid. MyMobileWorkers has seen reductions in time to invoice from a week, to minutes of the completed job.


Want to find out more?

The app means the engineer can access all the correct job information instantly at the touch of a button which saves them having to contact the office repeatedly for job details.

Mark Calver, Managing Director, MC Contracts