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The Future of Highways

MyMobileWorkers hosted The Future of Highways event in September 2018, bringing together key members of the highways industry. Find out what was discussed and be prepared for what the future holds.

What does the future hold for highways?

As an industry, highways is expected to continue growing over the next 5-10 years, but it's not a time to get complacent.


The industry is becoming more transparent: competitors are pricing similar for the same work, which no longer makes your company distinguishable on price.


It's time for you to look at what will make your highways business stand out.

MyMobileWorkers asked a range of different companies, all involved with the highways industry, where they see the highways industry going in the next few years.

Download now to find out more and prepare your business for what's inevitable.

  • How expectations within highways are changing and how you can survive
  • What a future smart highways company looks like
  • How the Internet of Things impacts businesses
  • The weaknesses in highways businesses and how to fix them

Discover what the future holds for your highways business: