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Trusted and well established letting agency, Homefinders, have reduced phone calls by 95% and reduced the average job length by 75%.


Reduction in the average job length

5 hour

Reduction in admin time per week


Reduction in phone calls 

6 workers

Using MyMobileWorkers

The Background

Homefinders are a trusted, well established letting agency in the Hackney and Stratford areas of London. Their service facilitates selling homes, finding the perfect tenants, collecting rents and maintenance of the properties.

The Problem

Homefinders’ previous maintenance process mainly consisted of a calendar tool. Office workers would create appointments with the name of contractor and job addresses. The maintenance staff weren’t able to have remote access to this tool, and therefore had to come into the office the day before or the morning of the job and read what needs to be completed, and confirm if they could attend. 

The process was frustrating for management as there was no visibility of what the contractor had or hadn’t done without speaking to them - which was difficult as they were completing jobs. It would look unprofessional to contact the customer and ask if the work was carried out, if any jobs need to be re-booked and could tarnish their reputation.

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The Solution

Homefinders wanted a way of knowing exactly what was happening on-site, whilst being able to provide customer signatures, risk assessments, job photos and a summary of completed work.

With paperwork leading to poor working practises, they soon realised they needed a digital system to improve their business and help with growth in the future. This led to the adoption of MyMobileWorkers. The system is used by 4 mobile workers and 2 office staff members.



We could never go back to paper again, I wouldn’t be able to do my job as effectively without MyMobileWorkers.

Zahid Badul, Business Development Director

The Benefits


Providing evidence

With no real-time information between the office and the workers, Homefinders were unable to pinpoint the whereabouts of their workers and the times they were on site for, which created tension between management and workers, ultimately damaging relationships as it was one parties word against the other. 

MyMobileWorkers give exact present and historical worker locations through GPS tracking so management know where their workers are and exactly what they are doing. This has squashed any false accusations and leads to much faster resolution times, it provides definitive proof of what occurred.

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Reducing admin time

Having an all in one system has resulted in phone calls between the office and workforce reduced drastically, by approximately 95%. Before the system was implemented there would be upwards of 100 calls per day, compared to only 5-10 with MyMobileWorkers. Everything required for the job is accessed and seen on the device or the portal, removing the need to contact the office.

Previously, at the end of each day, images would be sent through WhatsApp, which would cause a lot of confusion attributing a photo to a specific job and would require office staff spending time identifying them. With a system that automatically saves images alongside the job and stores them safely, this has resulted in an admin saving of 5 hours per week.

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Improved efficiency

Implementing MyMobileWorkers has allowed Homefinders to complete more jobs in less time. With management issues being eradicated, the average job length has reduced by 75%: from 2 hours to 30 minutes. This has allowed Homefinders to become more productive and have a more cost efficient workforce.

With greater visibility from the site, Homfinders are able to send invoices out as soon as the job has been completed. With instant access to job data and customer sign off, this presents all the data needed to send out invoices out, increasing the speed of payment.

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Faster resolution times

Having MyMobileWorkers allows Homefinders to have tighter business control leading to the quicker resolution of problems. With real-time information, managers can see when jobs are running over and exactly what the mobile worker has got left to complete. This leads to more accurate worker appraisals and helps to maintain a high standard of work. 

The data MyMobileWorkers captures allows Homefinders to have regular meetings to further improve their process, making them more efficient and facilitating constant improvement.

With the MyMobileWorkers app, customers rate their satisfaction and if any customer is unhappy with the service this can be addressed immediately keeping customers happy and providing the company with a strong reputation.

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