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Housing Solutions

Housing Solutions use MyMobileWorkers to successfully manage approximately 2,500 properties that require ongoing communal maintenance.


Job attendance increasing from 60%


Improved customer service


Proof of compliance for all jobs


Enforced onsite photos

The Background

Established in 1995, Housing Solutions own, manage and maintain 7,500 properties predominantly in Maidenhead but also stretching into other parts of Berkshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire.

Approximately 2,500 of these properties require ongoing communal maintenance by their grounds and maintenance team.

The Problem

Housing Solutions had a typically manual process, where operatives would be given a rota to work from. Supervisors had to visit sites to ensure that work had been completed to the required standard, which was time consuming and inefficient.

It would often be difficult to provide evidence that operatives hadn’t been to site or hadn’t stayed the required length of time on site which made performance managing the team challenging.

Read More Leaseholders and tenants were being charged a flat fee for communal work and as the team's output is quite visual within the community, customers would often challenge if they felt the work had not been carried out.

The nature of the team meant that they suffered from relatively high turnover and sick leave so either visits were often missed or there was insufficient time to train temporary staff on the works required at each site.

At the time of contacting MyMobileWorkers, Housing Solutions estimate that they attended and completed circa 60% of their appointments.
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The Solution

In February 2017, Housing Solutions discovered MyMobileWorkers workforce management software and within a month of getting in touch, they had completed both a demonstration and a trial.

Housing Solutions had built a number of end to end ‘critical to quality’ requirements to help identify a solution that would work for all stakeholders, including operatives, supervisors, customers, contact center, finance staff and performance managers.

They found that MyMobileWorkers met all specifications and were able to deliver the product quickly and flexibly with low set up and implementation costs.


Housing Solutions background image

The solution is now being used by 13 operatives and has significantly improved the performance of the team, increasing the appointments made and kept from 60% to an average 94% in a year. This has helped increase our income, improve the quality of our neighbourhoods and increase our customer satisfaction.

Emma Allen, Business Improvement Manager

The Benefits


Customer satisfaction

After implementing MyMobileWorkers, the amount of jobs attended have increased from 60% to an average of 94%.

This increase has greatly impacted customer satisfaction. Complaints are dealt with immediately as information is readily available on the portal. Customer satisfaction ratings are also recorded with the CRM feature of MyMobileWorkers.

Read More Furthermore, false complaints can be rectified with enforced photos, this provides proof that the job was completed to the set standard, with features such as GPS tracking and time stamps prove that the worker was at the site on time.

The contact centre are able to address issues quickly and easily without interrupting the supervisor and customers feel better informed.

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Enforcing a process

Enforced photographs removes the need for a supervisor to travel around all the sites to check the standard of work.

This has reduced fuel costs, increased productivity and allowed for greater time management.
Read More The enforced process has also meant that Housing Solutions no longer need to send out more workers to re-do jobs as the enforced pictures allow the office staff to see straight away and correct any problems that occur.
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Tighter control

Having MyMobileWorkers has increased the control over workers. Previously, directors would demand updates, which couldn’t always be answered.

Now there is transparency within the company because of the instant transfer of job data between the field workers and office staff.
Read More Having better control has led to the ability to conduct more accurate appraisals.

As workers previously wouldn’t attend jobs, Housing Solutions now have more visibility on inefficient members of staff and can quickly take appropriate action.

This has resulted in workers taking more pride in their work and has reduced labour turnover.

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Data collection

After a couple months of settling in, Housing Solutions now have collected enough data to be able to set a standard for workers and from this comes the ability to set more reliable targets.

This has allowed for greater efficiency and productivity of workers as Housing Solutions have access to a wide range of measurable data.
Read More A fundamental reason for change was to be able to charge accurate pricing.

By having the knowledge and the ability to recall employee data, Housing Solutions can now charge for exactly the amount of time workers were on site, rather than a flat rate.

This has increased income from jobs whilst also increasing cash flow, as jobs are completed and invoices can be sent immediately.

Features like timestamps and GPS tracking have allowed Housing Solutions to become more effective whilst gaining a return on their investment.Read Less

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