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Improve worker safety

Generate a digital audit of every step taken to ensure your workers safety. Be safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything within your means of accident prevention.

Why going digital increases safety

Health and safety protocol is of paramount importance to businesses. 

A digital platform allows workers to have all documentation in one place on the device. This ensures they have easy access to risk assessments, site safety documents, method statements and anything site specific rather than carrying reams of paper. 

There is no reason for workers to not be aware of potential hazards and dangers that are surrounding them.

  • Create a positive company image to attract new clients
  • Reduce fines for safety breaches
  • Enforce risk assessments ensuring workers understand protocol

Having trouble auditing?

Failing to have a complete picture of each job and the steps taken to ensure health and safety, can make reports and auditing extremely difficult. It is important you can see trends in this data to spot potential problems and react to issues with immediate effect. 

Whether it’s on-site risk assessments or daily vehicle checks, having this real-time data will ensure you can prevent a worker from continuing their job before any safety breaches. Alerts can be sent out and prevent a worker from carrying on if there are any problems.

How Fenton TM increased safety

Safety checks and risk assessments are all digitised and integrated into the workers' daily routine, including photographs and enforced checkboxes, removing the unreliable nature of paper and ensuring operatives comply with site regulations.

  • 75% reduction in admin time
  • 5 day improvement in job sheet collection
  • Time to focus on business development

Improve your worker safety

There are many ways you can increase safety for your workers. Here are some innovative ways in which you can improve your business safety standards.

How you can increase safety

MyMobileWorkers digital platform will enforce vehicle inspections, risk assessments and questions/checklists on job sheets.

It also allows you to GPS track your workers, knowing exactly where they are and what they are doing, while enforcing them to take photos of the site, keeping you closely connected.

To heighten safety, you can link enforced questions to alerts to keep your office staff updated of any failed question or problems, whilst being able to react quickly to issues.

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