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MC Contracts Ltd

MC Contracts Ltd have banished their paper job sheets creating a time saving of 45 hours a week, increasing efficiency and productivity.

45 hours

A week travel time saving

Software as a service

Send invoices out immediately


Send workers based on GPS location


Gained a competitive advantage

The Background

MC Contracts have been providing exceptional building services throughout their home town of Ipswich and the rest of the UK. With large national contracts, multi-disciplined staff and solid business practices under their belt, it’s no surprise that MC Contracts have grown exponentially and become an industry leading name.

The Problem

Before MC Contracts started using MyMobileWorkers back in 2012, they were managing 15 engineers through paper. They were struggling to operate effectively and was finding it difficult to compete to win new contracts in such a competitive industry.

The Solution

Historically MC Contracts have looked at many systems with most being cost prohibitive. In their search for a solution they wanted something that was cost effective, easy to operate, easy to set up and to provide a return on investment.

They then came across MyMobileWorkers which married their plans for a more efficient way of working, that could be utilised by all workers.

The time it took to sign the contract to the set up period and usage was a matter of weeks. The benefits were apparent immediately.

"Investing in this new technology has been a huge boost to our company."

Mark Calver, Managing Director


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As an SME it’s vital we are as efficient as possible, especially in the current economic climate. Not only does this app make our engineers more efficient, but it saves on the administration work as staff don’t have to input the jobs onto the system.

Mark Calver, Managing Director

The Benefits


Large administration savings

Since using MyMobileWorkers, MC Contracts have been able to reduce administration time and costs, not only in the office but out in the field. The workforce, made up of 45 users, no longer have to complete mounds of paperwork as it is all inputted into the device in their pocket.

This has created a 45 hour saving a week as workers no longer have to travel to and from head office to drop off paper job sheets.


The speed of maintenance calls

By using the job tracking software the office team can receive job sheets as soon as they are completed. This has increased efficiency within the office teams and also means they can process and send invoices almost instantly, increasing cash flow.

MyMobileWorkers has allowed MC Contracts to improve the speed with which they can attend maintenance call-outs.
Read More With GPS tracking, jobs can be allocated based on worker location, meaning they can get there much quicker than their previous method.

The app means the engineer can access all the correct job information instantly at the touch of a button which saves them having to contact the office repeatedly for job details.

This benefits MC Contracts as a business and also benefits the customer.Read Less


An Increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction

With instant updates and real time information between the workers and office, communication hasn’t been the only thing that has increased substantially.

Customers also benefit from this as they now can be provided with quantifiable data immediately as it is happening on site, increasing efficiency and existing customer satisfaction.
Read More Having MyMobileWorkers has acted like a marketing tool; offering accurate and real time reporting has attracted new clients and has won more contracts. Read Less


Accurate reporting 

MyMobileWorkers job management system also has made it easier to report accurately on performance against the service level agreements and provides a competitive advantage during the public sector tendering process to meet service level agreements imposed by the local authority.

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