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National Road Sweepers

The move to digital has increased National Road Sweepers turnover by 10% and increased their customer base by 5%.


Increase in turnover over 2 months


Increase in customers over 2 months

8 days

Reduction in invoicing time


Less than 3 minutes to schedule a job 

The Background

Based in Leighton Buzzard, National Road Sweepers have had more than 20 years experience offering a specialist road sweeping service.

Averaging 100 jobs per day, National Road Sweepers have become industry giants and a brand of choice for many. 

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The Problem

National Road Sweepers needed a better way to manage their 48 road workers.

Originally, road workers operated with a time consuming and costly paper process of manually updating job tickets. When paper tickets were issued, it would take on average 8 days before they were returned to the office, delaying both the administration and the invoicing process.

Office workers had three diaries where they would have to manually input driver names and upcoming jobs, then once job information had been returned, office members would input the daily job details as proof of delivery.

This daily task was consuming large amounts of time that the company could have been using elsewhere, hindering growth opportunities.

The Solution

After realising that resources could be better utilised, MyMobileWorkers was discovered online.

From finding the solution, to organising a meeting to implement the software was only a matter of 2 weeks.

National Road Sweepers managed to fully roll out the software, so that it was successfully used on a daily basis, within one and a half months. With adequate trial periods and software refinements during this time, a solution was developed that was able to meet all of their company needs.

A focal business concern was how a large number of workers were going to adapt to a completely new digital based system.

To ensure a smooth roll out, National Road Sweepers requested hour long training sessions to a small proportion of workers at a time. Any concerns were eradicated within these sessions as MyMobileWorkers is effortless to learn and teach, whilst the simplicity of the app put workers at ease.

MyMobileWorkers has allowed us to create a seamless process that provides definitive proof of delivery.

The user-friendly functionality of the software resulted in a smooth implementation and has allowed us to see noticeable changes in business growth and turnover.


Munya Chiromo, National Hire Manager

The Benefits


Rapid business growth

Whilst trialling the software, National Road Sweepers’ staff had concerns about job cuts due the potential of large reductions in administration times, however, all office staff were utilised in other areas of the business to perform more sales based office tasks.

A core focus was to attract new business and secure more clients. With more time and manpower in sales, sales output was tripled.
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Turnover had increased by 10% within 2 months of using the software as a direct impact of investing more time into sales. This also took place over the summer period which has historically been a quiet period for the company.

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Live updates to customers

Where National Road Sweepers would have to schedule jobs two weeks prior due to the long, mundane process of recording all job details on paper, it now takes less than 3 minutes to create and assign the job, with all the job information they need being stored automatically.
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The original administration process would require office staff to record all worker names, future job details and attach job photos to a diary. The time it would take to complete this process from job start to finish would take over a week, creating an 8 day invoicing delay. Now, job information is readily available, providing National Road Sweepers with the capability to send invoices out the same day.

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Clearer communication

Digital communication channels have created a clearer and more professional service offering.

Information of job details can’t be misinterpreted or disregarded due to handwriting or lost job sheets, as all job information is digitised. Any special instructions or attachments can be added to the job and accessed by the worker, providing greater clarity and reducing the margin for error.
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Previously, job photos were sent via Whatsapp messenger, they are now enforced as part of the mobile workers’ workflow and securely stored on the portal rather than printing each and every picture out and attaching it to the paper job sheet.

MyMobileWorkers has created instant PODs, capturing clients names and signatures. Office staff can access this information at any time and recall any historical job data when necessary.

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Improved customer service

Customers have also reaped the benefits of MyMobileWorkers. Having access to real-time information has allowed National Road Sweepers to better inform them of the status of their jobs.

With tighter procedures in place, work is carried out to a much higher standard with documented proof that the job has been successfully completed. Any problems can also be recorded and customers can be informed instantly with photographic evidence.
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As a result of a more professional service National Road Sweepers have seen a 5% customer increase over the first two months of using MyMobileWorkers.

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