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Nationwide Traffic Solutions

Traffic management company, Nationwide Traffic Solutions are now paper free in the field and can see job information as soon as it happens.

7 days

Improvement in job sheet collection


Of documents returned instantly


Reduction in administration time


Became paperless in the field

The Background

Nationwide Traffic Solutions supply a wide range of temporary traffic management across the UK.

With 8 years worth of experience and over 30 employees, they’re able to provide a down to earth, friendly approach to project planning with a cost and time effective solution.

The Problem

With two large depots at both ends of the country and several operating centres, Nationwide Traffic Solutions identified a lack of communication between areas/location, and struggled to receive signed paperwork from operatives on a regular basis.

This made it difficult for office staff to determine the status of the work, if there were any issues whilst completing the job or if clients left feedback.

The Solution

With around 8000 jobs a year, a solution was required in order to improve the speed in which job sheets were returned and to monitor and manage jobs effectively from head office.

After looking for a solution that was specific to the traffic management industry yet straightforward for operatives to use, Nationwide Traffic came across MyMobileWorkers.

Once staff were trained, the return of investment was seen immediately.

Nationwide Traffic Solutions software

MyMobileWorkers has improved the efficiency of our working processes and dramatically reduced the amount of paper we use, supporting our environmental and ‘paper free’ working policy.

Our team finds using the system simple, easy and as a result we have seen a massive improvement in the amount of returned documentation. 

Grace Barker, Business Services Manager

The Benefits

Reduced paperwork

Reduction in paperwork

All jobs are now completed by operatives on mobile devices, meaning that the need for paperwork in the field has been completely eradicated.

Not only has this had an astounding effect on their environmental footprint, it’s also had a financial and organisational impact. Read More Before MyMobileWorkers, it took two members of staff half an hour per job to organise the paperwork needed for the work that was booked, which was a huge drain on Nationwide Traffic Solutions resources.

By switching from a paper process to digital this process has been made more efficient, cutting administration time by over 50%.

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Instant job information

Instant job information

It was rare for Nationwide Traffic Solutions to receive fully completed paperwork on time, however, by using MyMobileWorkers, job information is sent to the office instantly from operatives.

It means the company can now log into an online system to see the status of their jobs, and now have access to 100% of completed documentation as soon as it’s been completed.Read More This means that any problems that may have occurred on a job can be picked up and dealt with immediately, instead of days later, making them a more reactive and safe company.

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Improved accountability

Improved accountability

Having job information available to view at the touch of a button means that it’s easy for Nationwide Traffic Solutions to see exactly who was on a job and for how long.

With a paper process, this was extremely difficult as they would have to wait for operatives to return their paperwork, which could be up to a week after work had been completed.Read More Being able to force the operatives to take photographs of the site has allowed the company to effectively monitor the quality of work without having to leave the office, and provides customers with confirmation and peace of mind that works have been completed correctly.

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Improved reporting

Improved reporting

Nationwide Traffic Solutions didn’t have a reporting solution before MyMobileWorkers.

By switching, the reporting feature has directly impacted decisions made about the business and allows office staff to quickly and easily show directors the direction the company is heading.Read More More specifically, the vehicle check report gives both office and operational staff an overview of all the vehicles registered with their company, and any defects reported. This saves administration time as they no longer have to look at each individual vehicle check report to see if any defects have been reported.

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