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Adaptable to any business with a mobile workforce

Choose a system that can be easily tailored to your exact job workflow.

Manage and monitor your mobile workers

MyMobileWorkers software helps businesses of all sizes and sectors to manage their mobile workforce.

It allows mobile staff such as drivers, engineers or contractors to login and see their jobs for the day: the location, what equipment they’ll need to collect prior to starting the job and any special instructions.

Managers or office staff can log into the system at any time in order to create or view the status of jobs.

This real time information between mobile workers and the office allows transparent communication throughout the business, meaning you can update your clients, manage more efficiently and step in before any problems arise.

  • Instant insight into what’s happening in the field
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Enforce a safe process for mobile workers to follow
  • Boost efficiency by allocating jobs in real time
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Field service

The umbrella term ‘field service’ includes industries such as plumbing, heating, electrical, ventilation and property maintenance, but can be generalised into the following:

Installation, maintenance and repair

Field service management software allows engineers instant access to the relevant manuals of the item they're working on and the prior job history.

Office staff can automatically create recurring jobs in order to comply with maintenance agreements. If any emergency repairs are needed, office staff can find who is closest to the job and assign it there and then instead of attempting contact with mobile workers.

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The sector highways refers to any company who is responsible for working on the roads, whether it’s traffic management, highways or road maintenance and plant hire.

Road operatives

Within the highways sector, road worker safety is one of the most important aspects. Companies need to be able to prove that they’re following every guideline in order to keep themselves and the public safe.

With highways management software, safety is enforced. This means that an operative can’t continue with a job unless they have filled out the required fields. They then sign to say that they believe the site is safe.

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Whether your company handles delivery, collection or both, MyMobileWorkers allows delivery companies to oversee their jobs at the touch of a button.

With real time information of the drivers as well as jobs, office staff can provide quick and accurate updates to customers in regards to estimated delivery times, making your business look more professional.

Drivers can arrange their jobs by the most fuel efficient route, allowing your business to save on fuel costs.

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Waste management

With companies handling the management of non-hazardous waste, creating electronic waste transfer notes is easy and 100% compliant with legislation.

The waste team can easily see the location of the job as well as the type or amount of waste they are collecting, allowing for rapid creation of electronic waste transfer notes.

The electronic waste transfer note can be sent to the customer as soon as the job has been completed, making your business more professional.

Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd

Plant hire and traffic management giants Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd have banished their paper job sheets, saving £31k instantly.

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MC Contracts Ltd

MC Contracts Ltd have banished their paper job sheets creating a time saving of 45 hours a week, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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National Road sweepers

The move to digital has increased National Road Sweepers turnover by 10% and increased their customer base by 5%.

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“MyMobileWorkers is enabling us to enforce a process for our workforce to follow, whilst providing the ability to complete checklists, risk assessments and photographs. The solution was rolled out to 100+ users within a 4-week period, and the support we received was exemplary.

What started out as a project to remove paper and remain competitive, has now turned into an essential tool for the business as a whole, and puts us firmly as one of the leaders in traffic management.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MyMobileWorkers.”

Nick Pack, General Manager of Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd.