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PAT testing software

Record electrical appliances and equipment while being able to update their service history to ensure they are safe for operation with MyMobileWorkers PAT testing app.

Real-time PAT testing information

Create and schedule jobs that can be assigned to your workers immediately. With MyMobileWorkers you will never forget a job, set recurring dates for regular maintenance work and plan out your calendar in a matter of clicks.

All job information is recorded by the worker via the MyMobileWorkers app and is instantly accessible and retrievable on the portal, allowing you to see exactly what work has been carried out while being able to provide your customers accurate job updates.

  • Book out annual jobs in advance
  • Store results and customer information in one place
  • Enforce photographs
  • Provide accurate job updates to clients

A safe process

It is a legal requirement that all electrical equipment provided is safe and properly maintained.

MyMobileWorkers software allows you to be safe in the knowledge that your workers are following an enforced process that can’t be skipped when testing portable appliances, ensuring your workers service electrical equipment correctly, and to the highest standard. 

It removes the need for paperwork and allows both managers and mobile workers easy access to asset histories and all job information.

Housing Solutions

Using a predominantly manual process, Housing Solutions struggled to know if jobs had been completed to a high standard.

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Enforced a correct workflow
  • Tighter operational control
  • Collected timely and accurate data

It’s time to go paper free

Inside this guide you will understand the benefits of going paper free and how to easily transition from paper to PAT testing software.

Verified inspections

To prove that PAT testing was performed, managers can enforce that photographs must be taken.

This could be for every check, or just the ones that have failed. You can also set a certain amount of photographs that your worker must take, not only giving you have proof that the job has been completed correctly but also the ability for managers to provide a second opinion from the comfort of your office.

By having access to job data as soon as it happens on site means that you are better connected to workers and can ensure their safety as well as providing customers with accurate job updates.

Want to find out more?

We were drowning in paperwork. The administration required for the office staff, the engineers filling it out, as well as the storing of it was cumbersome and expensive.

The [job] data is available as soon as the job has been completed by the engineer and is backed up by the cloud, which is something we didn’t have before. We can access our jobs from anywhere at anytime.

Joan Fielder, CEO at Helping Hands