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Resource planner

Planning resources for a large mobile fleet can be challenging.

First, you need to have knowledge of all the jobs for the time period, then you need to know what resource is required, who is qualified for the job and if any vehicles are needed. Not only that, but you also have to correspond with shift patterns and absences. 

MyMobileWorkers’ resource planner takes the headache out of planning and allows you to maximise efficiencies by using the resource planner to see at your available resources at a glance.

  • Plan and organise jobs efficiently
  • Incorporate worker qualifications
  • Have records of absences
  • Ensure you have the correct equipment/vehicles available
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Resource planner 1
Resource planner 2

Easily plan jobs

The resource planner is designed to give you a clearer insight into your jobs and replace any white boards or spreadsheets. It will allow you to plan out weekly jobs more effectively, including only assigning jobs to workers that are both available, and have the required skill set/qualifications.

It’s a place where you can see all of your resources, including both mobile workers and vehicles, and how and where they are being used.

Define your skill sets

To set up the resource planner within MyMobileWorkers, you can define what skill sets or qualifications a particular job needs. For example, you may only want an employee who has extensive health and safety training on a site audit. You will also need to record these skill sets or qualifications against each user.

The resource planner will notify you if you need a specific skill set on a job and it will show you all of the workers that have said skill set. You’ll then know that you have the right workers on the right jobs.

resource planner 4
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The resource planner has been a great achievement and a goal of ours for many years – now we have it, we would not go back to how we did it before and it has transformed our operation.

Vicky Fraser, ICT Manager, Forest Traffic Services LTD

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