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Property maintenance software

Have assurance that your workers successfully complete the upkeep and overall protection of properties with MyMobileWorkers property maintenance software.

Better manage with property maintenance software

When managing maintenance teams, it's important to have a complete and accurate overview of everything that is happening onsite. With real-time job information and enforced photos you can see exactly what is happening without needing to leave the office.

Customer signatures and client satisfaction ratings also provide proof that the job has been completed to a sufficient level, ensuring your business remains reputable.

Any concerns will appear on the system and can be dealt with immediately, leaving customers happy and improving reputation.

  • Enforce site inspections 
  • Provide customer signatures 
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Have access to real-time information

Reduce costs and improve communication

You shouldn’t need to travel from site to site to check if completed work is up to the company standard. Have full access to everything that has happened on site from the comfort of your office without the need to rack up high fuel and travel expenses.

On the portal side of the software, office staff can see site inspections, photographs and job data. This process can be enforced so you can be safe in the knowledge that all aspects of the job have been completed and all the required information has been captured without the need to pick up the phone.

Housing Solutions

MyMobileWorkers helps Housing Solutions to successfully manage their properties that require ongoing communal maintenance.

  • A more responsive maintenance team
  • Improved customer service
  • 100% proof of compliance for all jobs
  • Enforced on site photos


Reduce paper, increase efficiency

Paper can no longer compete with digital data and automated processes as a way to share, track and store company information. Download the guide to see the effects removing paper will have on your business.

Customer satisfaction

Respond to your customers quicker and build stronger relationships with MyMobileWorkers. Information is readily available on the portal and the ability to record satisfaction ratings means that customer complaints can be dealt with immediately.

Having this instant information means you can resolve issues before they manifest, keeping your customers satisfied. You also have all the information to provide your customers with accurate work updates.

Furthermore, false complaints can be rectified with enforced photos, GPS tracking and time stamps. This provides solid proof the job was completed correctly and that the worker was on site at the specified time.

Want to find out more?

The solution is now being used by 13 operatives and has significantly improved the performance of the team, increasing the appointments made and kept from 60% to an average 94% in a year.

This has helped increase our income, improve the quality of our neighborhoods and increase our customer satisfaction.

Emma Allen, Business Improvement Manager, Housing Solutions