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Reduce business costs

It’s often believed that a digital system increases business costs, when in fact, it drastically reduces them. It’s not just the obvious costs associated with paper, but abstract things such as admin.

Why digital reduces business costs

Removing manual processes means you don't get any of the associated costs of paper whilst being able to cut administration drastically.

Without the need for manual administration you will create large cost and time savings which can be reinvested back into the business to focus on growth strategies.

In turn, this makes your business operate more efficiently, whilst becoming more attractive to stakeholders.

  • Increase profit margins
  • Look good to stakeholders
  • Focus on growth with extra capital
Customer sign off

Are you paying to much/little?

It’s important to keep track of your business expenditure and ensure you are accurately paying your workers for the exact service they have provided.

If you don’t have real-time technology how are you supposed to measure the exact time on site, see accurate records of every job and pay workers accordingly? Or even charge customers the right price if you don’t have accurate information of the work that is completed? 

A digital system captures al job information, customer signatures and satisfaction ratings to ensure no disputes can arise from payment disputes.

How Mervyn Lambert cut costs

"When tendering for work, it’s important to reduce costs and increase profit margins. MyMobileWorkers has allowed us to do this by reducing office staff and provided us with a transparent service where nothing is hidden from customers, including invoicing, job photos and real time information."

  • £31k saving before rolling out company wide
  • 95% reduction in time to discover defects
  • 5 day improvement in invoicing
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How to choose the right software

Here is a handy guide that shows you what questions you need to ask and the essential features of a workforce management system.

How you can reduce costs

MyMobileWorkers helps remove manual processes like paper in up to 8 weeks, whilst saving on average £5 per job. 

With a digital system you can reduce fuel expenses by removing the amount of journeys required to collect/deliver job sheets as all information is located on the device. You can also reduce travel expenses as jobs are ordered based on location.

Fines, claims of damage and disputes are removed as you have definitive proof of what happened on the job.

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