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Referral scheme

Start earning and pass on the benefits of enforcing, tracking and optimising your workforce today.

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What is it?

The referral scheme is a way for you to earn money for telling people about the MyMobileWorkers platform.

Who can I refer?

The MyMobileWorkers platform is adaptable to any industry with a mobile workforce, not just the industry your company works in.


Is it capped?

The referral scheme is uncapped, so you could potentially be getting the software for free by referring other companies.

What will I get?

If the company you refer sign up to MyMobileWorkers, you'll get a percentage of the deal value. We have 3 options:

Option 1-1


How do I refer someone?

Referring someone to MyMobileWorkers couldn't be easier. 

First, and most importantly, let us know who you're referring by using the form, or emailing your account manager.

Second, send them an introductory email. We'll send you a template for this once you've filled out the form, along with other information that will aid your referral's understanding of the software.

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