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Restore Technology

Specialist IT asset disposal and hardware service company, Restore Technology, have strengthened their audit trail by ensuring all job information is captured digitally. 


Real-time information 


Increased customer trust


Strengthened customers audit trails

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A scalable


The Background

Specialists in IT asset disposal and hardware services, Restore Technology are based in Surrey and Bedford with 15 delivery drivers and numerous office staff, with typical customers in the public sector, such as the government and healthcare industry.

The Problem

Before finding MyMobileWorkers, Restore Technology used an outdated and rigid system, which made them invest time and money on a system that wasn’t really working for them. Their system became temperamental and required a lot of training for their staff. Errors would appear on multiple occasions, making it difficult for drivers and office staff to use.

With data protection a growing concern, Restore Technology needed to be able to audit and prove to their customers that they are responsible for the security of their clients data and have custody of items.

The Solution

Having seen another company use MyMobileWorkers, Restore Technology were spurred on to change their existing system.

Being able to adapt the system to meet their requirements and, also, have a system that could handle the scale of their operations without the expense of a bespoke solution meant MyMobileWorkers was a good fit.

Already having a system in place and comparing it to the flexibility and ease of use resulted in a fairly quick and easy sign off and implementation.

The drivers took to the new software without any setbacks, making it a streamlined transition as MyMobileWorkers was easy to understand and operate by every staff member.




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MyMobileWorkers works on our smartphones, making it easy for our drivers to use with minimal training.

Carl Jackson, Commercial Director

Restore Technology

The Benefits


Improved visability

Connecting with Restore Technology’s in-house system, MyMobileWorkers shows Restore Technology’s customers the information from the on-site collection or delivery, including date, time, vehicle, team member and a site contacts signature.

All of this was very important to Restore Technology as it strengthened their customers audit trail and showed each part of the process clearly.

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Instant job information

Real-time job information

All job information is sent to and from the office in real time so Restore Technology’s office staff are able to see exactly how their drivers are getting on – showing their arrival time to site, their finish time, how many assets were collected etc.

This increases reliability and trust with customers as Restore Technology can provide accurate updates instantly without having to contact drivers.

Improved accountability

Improved on-boarding process

When Restore Technology became part of a bigger group, several branches across the country were introduced to MyMobileWorkers. It was an easy tool for Restore Technology to introduce to new branches as it is scalable, requires little training and is easy to use.

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