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Scott and Sons

Contract cleaning company, Scott and Sons were at their limit when it came to allocating and booking in work and decided to take the leap.


Reduction in paper usage

5 days

Improvement in invoicing time

2 days

A week administration saving


Worth of savings in non-billable work

The Background

Established for over 40 years, contract cleaning company Scott and Sons provide the South East of England with a professional cleaning service.

The Problem

Scott and Sons’ workforce and job management process used a mixture of tools.

They had an accounting package they used to raise work orders, an online calendar tool to allocate jobs to their cleaners and paperwork for their cleaners to record job information on, which needed to be typed up into the accounting software to invoice.

Read More One of Scott and Sons’ main problems was getting paperwork back from the cleaners.

Joanne Scott, Company Director at Scott and Sons, comments:

"If we didn’t get the paperwork back from jobs, we couldn’t invoice for that work. It has cost the company thousands over the years as we’ve had no evidence that the work had been completed. It took us hours every day to allocate the work, we were at our limit."

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The Solution

Scott and Sons knew they had a problem years before they took action, they just couldn’t find the time to look into a solution.

It was one stressful day too many that made the company search for a solution and came across MyMobileWorkers.


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I’d recommend MyMobileWorkers to anyone.

It was the biggest change the company had ever seen.

We had been waiting for a right time but there never was, we just had to take the leap, and I really wish we had done it sooner.

Joanne Scott, Director

The Benefits


How MyMobileWorkers helped

Before MyMobileWorkers, it took Scott and Sons 5 days to get job information back from their cleaners, meaning it was 5 days before they could even begin to invoice.

Since switching to MyMobileWorkers they are now able to receive job information in real time, meaning they can invoice (and get paid) faster.

Every piece of work that Scott and Sons do is now invoiced, with accurate hours and proof that the job was done to a professional standard.

Read More It’s this proof that allowed Scott and Sons to be able to get their ISO accreditation as they can prove they’re working to the correct standard.

Scott and Sons were generating around 200 sheets of paper a week. Now, their cleaners are completely paperless.

The only paper that the company uses is if the customer requests a paper invoice.

They also don’t have to file anything which makes things a lot easier in the office as any requests for information can be found in an instant on their online portal.Read Less


Key quotes

"MyMobileWorkers has helped us with our existing clients as we can now show them just how good our service is with before and after photos.

We use MyMobileWorkers as a selling point to new customers as we can prove everything we have done quickly and easily.

It’s helped improve the business, absolutely. I cannot rate it highly enough."

"The team at MyMobileWorkers are very reactive, always happy to help and have a quick turnaround. They didn’t oversell like other companies I spoke to."


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