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The traffic management division of Tarmac have removed 80,000 pieces of paper per annum and created a time saving of over 80 hours per week.


Pieces of paper removed per annum

80 hours

Weekly saving in travel/meetings

2 weeks

For the completion of a full roll-out


Removal of withheld payments

The Benefits

Reduced paperwork

Reduced job costs and times

A traffic management job at Tarmac job would typically take between 2-3 days. Previously, operatives would go to the yard, pick up job packs and spend an hour before and after a job with a supervisor. With 30-40 jobs per week, this was a time consuming and costly process. 

Now as everything required is located on the device, Tarmac have created a time saving of approximately 80 hours a week. Changes can be sent automatically to the operatives, removing the need to speak to a supervisor and reducing travel time and fuel costs to and from the yard.Read Less

Instant job information

Health, safety and vehicles

With their previous paper based process, job sheets and RAMS could be lost. Operatives could turn up to site with no site specific information and be exposed to health and safety breaches.

Now everything is available on the operatives device, meaning no documents can go missing and workers are reminded to complete RAMS and job processes.Read More
With the move to a digital platform, vehicle checks also have to be completed. Any defects or damages are easily reported and office members are alerted immediately of any logs, with the capability to see the defects with photographs.

This has improved the response time for defects to be fixed, where previously it could be a week before any defects or issues were brought to light.

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Improved accountability

Paper savings

With approximately 12 pieces of paper per job, Tarmac have managed to remove over 80,000 pieces of paper per annum, creating large cost savings associated with paper, printing and administration.

With a centralised system there is no need for paper, spreadsheets, instant messaging apps and storage. MyMobileWorkers keeps everything stored digitally for ease of use, instant access and greater document safety.Read Less

Improved reporting

Auditing and invoicing

Having all the data readily available as soon as the job has been completed has allowed for accurate invoicing. Enforced job sheets mean workers have to systematically record what they have done - providing proof of job completion.

If an invoice is disputed by a client, Tarmac are now covered as all procedures are enforced and all job data has been captured accurately, preventing any incident that may occur. This has helped with their internal BSI audits and ensures they are paid correctly for all work.Read More “MyMobileWorkers forces operatives to collect and record essential site and job information that is necessary for an accurate invoice. Meaning our invoices are right every time and can’t be contested.”

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“When proposing the idea to the Directors, a strong argument we had was the large time and money savings MyMobileWorkers will create.” 

“Since the full roll-out of the software, the savings have become apparent: not only in paper and admin savings, but through accurate invoicing and proof of job completion”

Stuart Thomas, Tarmac Traffic Management Regional Manager West

The Background

Tarmac are the UK’s leading specialist in sustainable building materials and construction solutions. 

Offering innovative traffic management services, Tarmac needed a platform to aid them in creating a safe and sustainable environment.

Tarmac traffic management software


The Problem

Problems became apparent with Tarmac’s paper process due to a small number of inaccuracies when recording on-site information. Paper could go missing, become damaged or have illegible handwriting which could lead to an inaccurate recording of plant and labour on sites.

To be at the forefront of the industry, they needed a reliable process to enforce accurate data capture and one that offers clients transparency. Without a system in place to ensure accurate data collection, safely store information and prove what had happened on site, Tarmac were susceptible to future problems.

With Tarmac undergoing many large scale projects it was a necessity to follow exact procedures to avoid large fines, have accurate information to prevent clients from withholding payments and for accurate billing.

The Solution

Many areas of Tarmac were already being digitised, but they needed a more bespoke and adaptable platform for their traffic management operations.

Software was always discussed internally but only came to the forefront when meeting MyMobileWorkers at a large Highways event. As MyMobileWorkers already had a strong foothold in the Traffic Management industry and were the most bespoke and knowledgeable compared to other providers - the decision was made.

The platform was adapted to meet all the requirements that Tarmac specified and wasn’t rolled out until they were completely happy with the system and its ease of use for operatives. With most workers operating on Android devices, the roll out was a speedy process. 

To steady any nerves, the introduction of software was completed alongside paper until all operatives were comfortable, taking approximately 2 weeks to be fully rolled out.

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