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Vehicle inspection checklists software

Easy for drivers to use, easy for managers to tailor.

For companies that rely on a fleet of vehicles in order to carry out jobs, vehicle inspection checklists are a necessity.

How else can you prove that all your vehicles are working in safe conditions to protect your business from a legal standpoint?

With manual processes, drivers can fill out these checklists at any point during the day. As a manager, you don’t know when those checks have been performed, or if they have been performed at all.

It makes auditing difficult, managing difficult, and disproving liability difficult.

The easier way is through the vehicle check app from MyMobileWorkers.

Simple to use

No IT knowledge or training needed from managers or drivers


Choose what you want drivers to check

Real time reports

See the results of vehicle checks straightaway

Enforced process

Drivers cannot skip questions and provide a signature

Vehicle safe? Check.

Managers can choose exactly what they want their drivers to fill out on a daily basis. Example driver checklists include checking if the tyres are roadworthy, the lights are working and the brakes are working. You have up to 32 questions and checks you can force drivers to complete.

Drivers can also add any defect notes and photographs here too to allow detailed notes on the status of the vehicle.

Recording mileage

As part of the vehicle inspection checklist, the driver enters the current mileage of the vehicle. This enables managers access to accurate mileage information that could help with fuel claims. The system stores information about the vehicles prior mileage entry to further ensure accuracy.

Proof of vehicle safety

The app binds together a signature from the driver, along with the time the check was started and completed and GPS location of the driver when doing the check to provide cast iron proof of the safety of your vehicles.

As this information can’t be changed once it’s been entered, it provides your business and any auditors with full transparency at the click of a button.

No set up costs

Ensure your vehicles and staff are safe.

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