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Velocity UK Ltd

Switching from their inefficient and time consuming paperwork allowed Velocity UK Ltd to offer their customers a transparent and value for money service.


Ensures compliance


Secures more contracts

Software as a service

Real time information from office and site


View site photographs instantly

The Background

With highly-skilled staff and the latest innovative machine technology, it’s no wonder that Velocity UK Ltd are market leaders in the road maintenance industry.

For nearly 20 years, Velocity have offered rapid permanent carriageway repairs and preventative maintenance to councils and authorities throughout the UK.

The Problem

Velocity’s worksite information was paper based, which was inefficient, time consuming to process and hard to integrate with client reporting systems.

At the time, the industry was moving towards utilising software which allowed customers to receive real time information of jobs completed: something that Velocity needed to complement its existing bespoke Vehicle Tracking and Reporting System and their fast, efficient and long lasting maintenance service.

In addition, Velocity needed to provide its crews with modern handheld devices to capture and manage site safety information and quicken data transfer between the office and site.

The Solution

MyMobileWorkers was recommended to Velocity by one of their customers who were existing users of the system.

Velocity needed a system in place quickly to allow them to receive information from the field quickly and easily for a particular contract.

After looking at a few different systems, Velocity chose the MyMobileWorkers’ system due to its functionality, simplicity and GPS tracking included in the cost of the software.

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The real time information that MyMobileWorkers allows us to offer to new and existing clients is definitely helping us offer a state of the art solution to our customers and secure contracts. Many systems offer a lot but deliver little, MyMobileWorkers does the job and is reliable providing confidence in the data produced.

More and more contracts in our line of work are requiring real time information to ensure safe working practices and without MyMobileWorkers, we would have struggled to secure these contracts.

Gavin Blogg, Business Development Manager at Velocity UK Ltd

The Benefits


Enforced compliance with health and safety laws

Once implemented, Velocity started seeing the benefits for the customers almost straight away.

Something often requested by clients was the ability to see the site before and after the job was completed: Velocity could now offer this with ease.

Read More By giving clients their own login to the system through the customer portal, it freed up time in the office.

All information was made available to customers online in real time, along with photographs, timestamps and special instructions, offering the clients a completely transparent service.

Due to the customisable workflows MyMobileWorkers provide, Velocity are now enforcing a compliant process for their mobile workers to follow.

This means they’re now getting more valuable information from jobs and are making sure their workers are working to the correct, safe manner they are expected to.
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Why Velocity are a perfect fit

"Velocity UK Ltd are a classic example of adaptation to suit the environment: they evolved their business process so that they could stay alive from the threat of competition. Businesses who don’t evolve and move away from outdated, paper processes could come to regret it in years or months to come."

Graham Whistance, Managing Director of MyMobileWorkersRead Less

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