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Waste management software

Grow your business by having a hassle free way to fill out and store electronic waste transfer notes.

Waste management software that enforces compliance

The MyMobileWorkers waste management solution lets you deal with non-hazardous Waste Transfer Notes (WTNs) digitally, making it a quicker, safer and paperless way of working.

The use of digital software is in accordance with the UK guidelines, creating a more efficient way to operate.

  • Safely store electronic WTNs
  • Set up task schedules
  • Gain job completion reports
  • Increase worker safety with safety notes

Manage more effectively

MyMobileWorkers waste management software lets managers manage more effectively.

Tracking your workforce and having real-time information allows you to inform customers straight away of any happenings and in turn, reducing potential problems before they develop.

It also provides quality assurance with client sign-offs, job ratings and digital signatures. This gives you all the information necessary to enable you to deliver a quality waste management service.


Enviroshred needed a system that not only replaced their manual process, but also allowed them to be compliant with Environment Agency regulations.

  • 1 hour per day administration saving
  • Instant job information
  • Ability to pick up more jobs
  • Real time allocation of jobs


What happens when you go paper free? 

You don't need to leave a paper copy with the client. In fact, this could affect your compliance, as well as client retention. Download the guide to find out more.

Be sure of compliance and regulations

With the implementation of digital systems, there can be worries over compliance and regulations. MyMobileWorkers enforces a process that workers have to complete to be able to successfully finish the job.

This ensures waste transfer notes are completed and everything is accounted for, reducing false claims and liability and creating a more efficient way of working. This further heightens the safety of your workers and the security of data.

Want to find out more?

I can instantly access all the collection details and provide WTNs to the customer, without having to dig through the filing cabinet which took up so much of our time before.

Diane Bayliss, Partner at Enviroshred