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Grounds and property maintenance company, Wealdens now offer better customer service with the ability to access real time job information.


Proof of safety compliance


A greater level of customer service

Software as a service

Instant information from jobs


Enforced on-site photos

The Background

Wealdens are a regional grounds and property maintenance company, providing quality services to registered social landlords and local authorities.

They were established in 1987 and have been growing ever since.

Wealdens are operating currently from two depots, with their main facility being based in Lingfield.

There are three divisions of their service: grounds and cleaning, disabled adaptation and waste removal.

The Problem

Wealdens previously had a digital system, however, this system wasn’t foolproof as the workforce would either not complete the job sheets or complete them at the end of the day, leading to inaccuracies in the data and no real time information.

Furthermore, there were no ways of enforcing health and safety, leaving Wealdens unsure if they were 100% compliant.

Their digital system was a basic accounts and costing package developed by a third party who they were no longer in touch with and therefore couldn’t adapt the system to meet their requirements.

The system included basic tick boxes to record what was done, but as it was out of date and didn’t respond well with the server, there was a lot the staff could do to manipulate the system, heightening a need for change.

The Solution

Wealdens looked into a wide variety of different solutions. They had specific requirements that needed to be fulfilled, such as; CRM, real time information and enforced compliance.

Although there were concerns that systems with all of these features could be associated with larger costs.

MyMobileWorkers was chosen predominantly because of its value for money due to the features that were included, in comparison to rival companies.

Wealdens liked what they saw with MyMobileWorkers before its implementation, but didn’t realise how powerful it was until after the set up period.

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MyMobileWorkers is a vital tool we rely on for day to day operations, which is much better than paper. It presents potential problems that we are able to see instantly.

Kevin Simmons, Managing Director

The Benefits


Accurate real time information 

Since using MyMobileWorkers, Wealdens have been able to utilise real time information, whilst reducing administration time.

As workflows are enforced, staff have to answer the questions in specific formats, reducing errors in the data and also identifying problems as soon as they happen.

Read More With the real time transfer of data these issues are flagged up on the system and can be dealt with immediately, increasing staff and customer satisfaction.

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A heightened level of service

Using the software has allowed Wealdens to provide a heightened level of service.

With enforced photos in the workflow, office staff can see the sites that aren’t being completed to an exemplary standard and rectify this very quickly, whilst informing staff of any corrections they need to make.


Greater efficiency and performance monitoring

The direct transfer of real time information and the recording of the data has allowed Wealdens to improve efficiency and closely monitor the performance of the business.

They have now been able to analyse and monitor more data, such as how long an average job would take, and from this give their staff more accurate management reviews and a more consistent service to clients.


An increase in customer service and satisfaction

The cloud based nature of the software allowed Wealdens access to their job information at a touch of a button, which can be sent instantly to customers to maintain a close, transparent relationship.

Clients are impressed at Wealden’s ability to show real time information from jobs with the use of a customer portal, where they can log in at any time from anywhere, increasing the level of customer service and satisfaction.Read More Wealdens saw the benefits within weeks of using the software.

The in-depth insight it provides allows for better management decisions and assessing if complaints are valid or not, meaning false liability is reduced and claims can be proven.

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