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Report shows digital process improving performance within the highways sector

Highway companies using digital management methods are outperforming those who rely on a more traditional paperwork approach.

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This was one of the findings of the ‘Driving Change’ report which takes a look at the ways that technology is helping to streamline working processes within the highways sector.

It was found that the average job completion time for companies using digital tools was 4.4 hours; this compares to 6.7 hours for those using a manual administration process.

Significant performance benefits are delivered by the growing use of cloud-based management tools which allow manual tasks to be replaced with automated processes and completely paperless ways of working.

Streamlining highways management

A system such as MyMobileWorkers allows a manager to track the movement and status of a team of highways employees in real-time, with all of the operational information being instantly available.

Data gathering tasks are seamlessly integrated into workflows, with any information recorded via a smartphone or handheld device and automatically collated into a digital report.

With a traditional paper-based approach, highway workers will often complete paperwork tasks retrospectively, creating a much slower process and increased risks of incomplete and inaccurate information.

The difficulties of gathering accurate field information was something that one-in-five (20 percent) of the survey respondents raised as a concern.

Benefits of paperless approach

It was found that 46 percent of managers using digital tools said they consistently received accurate information from their highways workers. But this figure was zero for those using a traditional approach.

You can find the full findings of the ‘Driving Change’ report, complete with analysis of the impact that technology is having on safety, performance and compliance here:

Highways business report

The report findings helps to highlight why more companies within the highways sector are choosing to move away from the traditional paper-based approach and to explore the benefits of digital apps, services and tools.

The switch to automated processes and real-time tracking transforms the way that road workers are able to be managed - streamlining and improving safety, efficiency, performance and communication.

A paperless process helps to remove a large swathe of administrative chores, freeing up workers and back-office teams from the need to carry out menial and repetitive paperwork tasks.

Accurate data for performance checks

It also provides managers with the accurate data they need to continually hone operational performance, identifying any potential weaknesses or process bottlenecks and tackling them before they become costly problems.

MyMobileWorkers features a powerful reporting tool which makes it simple to access and manipulate any data, whether it’s from job reports, mileage logs or lists of items/resources used.

A report that takes seconds to compile within a digital management system could take hours to create when all of the information is having to be manually collated from multiple documents, reports and spreadsheets.


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