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Return on investment

The small cost of a platform, such as MyMobileWorkers, provides a large return on investment.

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How can MyMobileWorkers provide ROI?

There are multiple ways you gain a return on investment with MyMobileWorkers. The financial returns you will make arise from:

  • A large reduction in administration time
  • No distribution costs
  • Fewer processing costs
  • Reduced administration staff/wages
  • No paper, printing or storage costs
  • Reduced mileage and driving costs
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More benefits you will receive:

  • Remove fines - With definitive proof of work completion and the meeting of safety standards.
  • Gain a better cash flow - As you are getting job sheets immediately you can send invoices straight after job completion.
  • Reduce the time to discover defects - With real-time information you can see any errors/defects in the work immediately.
  • Increase worker productivity - Complete jobs quicker and more accurately via a mobile application.
  • Grow your business - With instant access to reporting you can spot areas to improve and evaluate employees more easily.
  • Increase customer satisfaction -  Improve repeat custom by giving customers real-time updates and alerts.

On average our customers see:


Saved on paper costs, per month

7.5 days

Improvement in invoicing time


Reduction in administration time

What are the costs associated with a digital platform?

There is an upfront set-up fee, cost of devices and a monthly contract.

However, implementing MyMobileWorkers to your business provides a strong return on investment that drives efficiency, customer retention and profitability, which will ultimately outweigh these associated costs.

  • A strong return on investment
  • Drives efficiency and productivity
  • Allows for a more profitable business
  • Ensures you retain your customers

How much will I save?

When accumulating the costs of paper, multiple systems, administration time and wages, along with a multitude of other factors the ROI can amount to a rather large figure.

Ultimately, ROI depends on your business’s choices, you could relieve administration workers to reduce costs or utilise them more efficiently to fuel business growth and attract more clients.

As an estimation of what you will save work out your paper costs, travel costs, wages and time spent on administration.

Typical paper savings
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Calculate your return on investment

The costs of using paper soon add up. Not only is there the physical paper itself, but also the space, ink, printer maintenance and not to mention the administration time behind it all. We've created a worksheet so that you can easily work out how much a paper process is costing your business.